Star Spangled Radio Hour - 9.2.17

Saturday, September 2nd

SSRH 378

September 2, 2017


“Your Hit Parade”

September 1943

Put Your Arms Around Me Honey

Comin’ In On a Wing and a Prayer

Bea Wain, vocal

Mark Warnow Orchestra

(None – D3MC 164)

V-Disc 1-A (A release)

Kiss the Boys Goodbye

Thursday, May 22, 1941

RCA Studio 1

New York


Victor 274445


“The Magic Key of RCA”

Sunday, August 21, 1938

2:00-3:00 pm

RCA Radio City, New York


Clifton Fadiman, announcer

Monday, October 10, 1938

10:30-11:00 pm

Streets of Paris

International Casino

New York


Hugh James, announcer

Deep Purple

Friday, December 23, 1938

RCA Studio 3

New York


Victor 26141

Monday, November 14, 1938

11:30 pm - Midnight

Streets of Paris

International Casino

New York


Ben Grauer, announcer


Friday, February 11, 1938

RCA Studio 3


Victor 25789

Monday, November 7, 1938

10:30-10:45 pm

Streets of Paris

International Casino

New York


Gene Hamilton, announcer

Over the Rainbow

Thursday, December 8, 1938

RCA Studio 2

New York


Victor 26174

November 15, 1938

11:30pm - Midnight

Streets of Paris

International Casino

New York

Lyle Van, announcer

SSRH 378 Playlist

(Sep43) Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey, Comin’ In On a Wing and a Prayer (Bea Wain, vocal) (22May41) Kiss the Boys Goodbye (Bea Wain, vocal) (21Aug38) Dipsy Doodle (theme), The Campbells are Swinging, You Never Know (Bea Wain, vocal), Dipper Mouth Blues (10Oct38) Dipsy Doodle (opening theme), I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (Bea Wain, vocal), Boogie Woogie Blues, You Never Know (Bea Wain, vocal), Harmonica Hop  (23Dec38) Deep Purple (14Nov38), Dipsy Doodle (opening theme), Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love (Bea Wain, vocal), A Little Nest of Heavenly Blue, It Took a Million Years (Bea Wain, vocal) (11Feb38) Martha (Bea Wain, vocal) (7Nov38) Dipsy Doodle (opening theme), Big Dipper, My Reverie (Bea Wain, vocal), Shadrack (Ford Leary and the Band, vocal), Gavotte (Bea Wain, vocal), A Study in Brown (program close) (15Nov38) My Own (Bea Wain, vocal), The Campbells Are Swinging, Is That A Way to Treat a Sweetheart (Bea Wain, vocal), When I Go a Dreamin’ (Bea Wain, vocal), The Chant of the Jungle, A Study in Brown (closing theme) 


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Okay. I. OK. Team I mean yeah. Well my friends there and do our introduction to star spangled radio our bottom line here a cruise in 1430 dot com in. You know and that when I'm listening to a song and you know it's a song we played here for years and years and you'll GCW with Hillary Clinton and be winging their locals. And I listen to adapt to need just sounds. Like to be in there are right every bit of that sounds about that time in history had just. It you know eleven these songs we briefly don't have debt ability to just capture and time in a place like when does a love that song. Then there's B weigh in then that should be a clue to you about what tonight is all about here in the star single review our own mind. Recreate lawyer in the studio joined as always by our very good friend senior advisor to the Glenn Miller archive at the University of Colorado am bit. Author of declassified. Get your hands and neck copy this Labor Day weekend Dennis Sprague is with us hello there. Here are that you can be good that you need the M guardian of well normal rational country. The fact that if it. Exploded you know started the other articles which started there are many other people are coming out of the woodwork claiming the Marmol has great control and I. Compared to the carbon waiting a long contract I'm ultra. Actually I'm I'm in good company or. Are they think these rural air force and you're happy lift they so actually kind of a cruelty below the global accord lowered our strike that's why we are iron age. Kind of a little different departure for the show and I'll explain it short hair and I'm an actual trauma that I can't control the actual school our FaceBook page and are armed to start your your page where they looks an additional two traditional country question right because there will be able to do just just everything it's on the show in the introduction to act because it's a lot of action piece discussion. Are we do and celebrate July oh don't be wanting. Celebrated big band singer I think you're right I think I eat lunch he prototypical. Big band singer we ought to welcome you look back we're coop who pretend my sincere. And people below multiple content. I do know one person certainly does. Award occurred but we know we talk about normal well enforced because she is a partial pending Goodman you. Compared and there are others that maybe we're actually it was the it is that the best story because we're told walker Toshiba mobile push I would put skiing and in the realm. And a lot of reasons. First she transcended. The big band because she went on to careers as salt sugar. And of course she's probably a tortured or Fargo would actually hit parade and she is what I. The deep local should Hillary Clinton and in the late Kurdish. I'm helping people who aren't particularly wary Colombian really had to pick. Yeah very popular and we had a band in 1930 burning Glenn Miller. Particular welcome grown casino will be your goal for the Corleone Pacino somebody weary Clinton did very well. Local ocean and be wanting to armed and NBC. Radio. Per cashed Sharon became very well known to be around the country. I think also known to many of us actually younger aged thirty radio personality and the IQ. Well breakfast club. She did in New York with the under Boutros. Plant got a truck or something you're Andre you know. Pure I'm very substantial trigger when she married an English very popular. As you start capturing the amount search and he was one of the first two endless stream going to be. Military who tortured for you to know he was the first to. American radio broadcaster. To put. And the music theater. In north North African operation torture and anti porn on board nordic clash tried. He was the first formal reading your books can't afford to the American forces network traditional wars which is just can't count and I couldn't control equipment. And Patton welcome cash and one of the recent post and Andre can speak both English and French. And they were different sort Catholic social and used to our attention to the local act but I digress he didn't he had a great partnership as radio personalities. Celebrity's social and act in New York markets didn't. Warner can of course order might they're looking California actual. All of a little focus I'm weary Clinton borrowed cash from the international casino in New York. A bunch and pushed and magic Kevorkian. A couple of assures mutual document in our. Right up. And they also great by the way and one of the brought caches a brand new. Wonderful train and our crew our Brian Jordan shirt collection and that we touched up pretty cool little audio workers are a couple of I get some options are actually no one which I can now. It's a beautiful audio quality from one of the coaching inner actual actual protection 1938 at. We have our nurses social a couple of these. Boob we're eager director Larry because we wanted to against a little bigger and short warfare and our key people culture. But also lets start a program so he can truly cool I teach your number one chart coordinate. Earlier this one month because these 10700 chicks would be just one it's likely. Outlook cathedral Scarlett. It'll slow 111 around I. Shoulder to record mom and new world Hillary Clinton and his band which is homeownership church. Actually explore the Peewee tribute and I would basically Larry Clinton's. Very good I'm excited about this so you also up. Where were they were here we go with the star spangled radio hour on mine decreasing 1430 dot com Larry and. He could still mom and around me and my and it won't admit the love love them and I'd love to win them all you home I. Fool me. I want you got it and I don't laugh. When they look at me my I had the pan and zoom. And it's got not rock and light up the moment blow. Cool. And now they and and mullah. Really wanted to. And at home in Canada on home laying down on the bridge. Gum and then not only me. Hey. Well then why do all gone on weekends yeah having gone. Didn't they. Oh bullying and Andre. A lot has now. Yeah and we really can't I'm not there but then yeah. I'll leave me ask Palin. Look below. Pat Mac is no room. And I have long lululemon love it and I am not then you know I. Eighteen and I really I. And then he let me. We have live. But do love Ali is glad landing saying. Again that made being branded them every day. Do you feel buzz good. Then he let unbelievable and I'm. Her. Black and give them what the name is playing well let me though they've really laying there time live through age. Kiss of was good. And while I'm missing them and then mentally yeah. Even though the vote my name in news. Because I'm hanging in the we can't leave Madden I need long. As he leaves me and yeah. That you love and that's my little playing. Let me salute them when they're gone and me. Is the mind. It doesn't have me there. In name I know you're not letting me. Do you hollow and love the bomb his again DA. And let me. Not to Mongolian. Wedding day. Who cares little baby panda at Mellon graying. The bud goodbye. Pat me mad me and let me move. One good day and then let them they've been playing. Let the baby laying the mom and ring him up and the blood in the end run. And relax and don't kid then and then women in the name. Even though the Mountain Lion of the boom cool because I'm begging him do. You can't playing bad I mean imam didn't daddy and mom. I don't yeah. Am hands and love Manuel then made him do. Men and now and then made been made and mom and the beauty food diet did I. My MO then I. Didn't love them love and good luck. Fifth and goodbye goodbye and good night and bud didn't. This time. You are. Room. What did feel. They love it when you play Larry let me that we go to. But no one will only one thing that we don't mean the punt and what doesn't mean while the fans and used up a lot of mud and yeah wrote what it's all that happened data shouldn't say that again if you dare abracadabra. And have gone down if they do little. Cool if you don't move Avant Avant. Have you figured out those titles for the new must have been in the right frame of mind to compose that other great hit of yours who was torn midnight and no matter how. Ladies and gentlemen. From our equipment and asked for our favorite to replace some of the music he just record it you're going to do for us. Campbell are swinging. You don't arrangement of people who got. Fair shot to be recorded. We'll Victor. There. I hope the other dude. I. Yeah. OK okay. Yeah. Francis and I. Yeah we. Thank you mr. Clinton. Now from information please I knew I'd get better and somehow about what next. Well boys and I would like to play you never know Cole Porter Goss saying things cool mom normally. We land Singapore. Okay. Okay. Okay. Good. Okay. Okay. Exit. And okay. And then then no love. The way and love. Lil may have low. Man gone Palin playing game where you have then none mom. And then use this thing and young fans. Go all. V Andre. Day. And come blew every man and sue have real men. And wow. And these nano music can't do. We'll let you know. Men and know. Okay. However another memo to just because of Victor addiction and revealed favour of a mile. Okay. Okay. Okay. And. Do you know. Who better. About. The food. OK okay. The lemon OK. Everybody they're letting him. OK okay I need you here will be gone. We're all the right okay well literally the and if that's what we know well a New York is great white way. Larry good to break a football of the conflict but they open that we prevent small book freeway and thinking. My friend Doug Logan marble falls. I. I. Oh. Yeah. The it okay. You know. Okay. I am. Okay. And I am the man can win. London and low. Win and then then the name that night and wow. And we're all men and women love the name wrong. You can laugh I'm glad. I have around me and you name land and money they're mountain. I can name I mean now on win. Okay. I'm back on the other hand wind died and who need loans menu wow I'm in there. In the name and you love being in Loudon. Neither man and that man. And yeah. Yeah. Okay. And I'm okay. And then I love him and you love me win and meanwhile. And in love. The name that you love me new and wow underneath and then and Matt. Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm OK. Okay. Deep in the district of live and amazed I brought the equally gay Clinton's opposition movement will be will be glued. And. Yeah. I. Have. And okay. I. Know. Okay. A fun. And it's. Okay. Yeah. I. Okay. Okay. And he. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. And from. Okay. He went to volatile. Camouflage of American women do the next number OK thank you knew almost flip about it we almost didn't know until they found both the fans there. When me and him being removable hard. Viacom and as soon as you never know that you never know. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay okay okay. Didn't. Okay. No I'm. I. Mac. Moon. And love you know our. And beloved. I. Noon and love. When. And playing games man man man I love. And then you live singing the young men and. They're all okay. I'm. Ooh relief. Come blue and rim and then we'll have really. And I and I. And green and make it didn't matter then and what values you noon and and. Okay. Many palms of events. I've been immortalized musically the rock minuet Waltz on us many others. Promised to Clinton does stupid playing tribute to the modern form of musical question. These are Monica. There. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And I'm. Okay. And I. Okay. It's. I'm I'm I'm I'm. It's. O. And okay. Yeah yeah yeah okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. But. On the street life of them thus field yet the gay and effervescent brief comparison the international casino. On the great parkway in New York City. The national broadcasting governor presenting music blaring Clinton. And resolve this with. Then the DE. A little hole it's durable goods we need. Then I. Can. And being in. Then we're. Okay. Food. New. Now. He's. Okay. On the bad. We need the team. And I think mind me. You're there. Okay. And Lou seemed. Moon saying. Ruins sing and use. And saying nine mile a lonely and design inland more on mom. I. And is an. And not. And moon. He's. In love. Lil. And leave them alone and. We need all. You hello all do. And I. Okay. A loose. I. Move him. Finland's living in. All the years. You heard good. We love you man. When my mind. Okay. And as long. And moon even. And a live. Believe all. And and learn see. The unknown. Love. I am. Well. And who. Okay. Wells led trombone man and he didn't seem go to Larry is in his zone. Greetings and welcome the problem Larry Clinton magic late Phelan against on the streets of Paris on the international casino. On Broadway in New York City. Didn't mount a base just unplug this link to view lane. Are Clinton's famous vocalist joins in this June can be very useful oracle bought his latest to leave that to me the title most gentlemen. Don't like yeah. I. It's. It's. It's. It's. Yeah. It's. It. Okay. It's. It's. I'm. Oh okay. OK okay. Those again until Mendel lagged loan. And I do king and homeland union and Canada hello unloading. It and until the end and they love wouldn't gun smoke then comment can't read enrolled now yeah. And Madden and no winds and sun and then. On lap dancing is not and the mangled mammoon. And it. On the Mo he's in until men and don't lag loan. And then hand and real and Nolan I'm talking up and and do it well I have now owning when you. And lagged the big dinner and rat I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Yeah is a favorite soprano Laird gone decidedly jive that's Larry Clinton plays field. Little nest of heavenly blue lending color. And there. Okay. Okay. It's. Yeah it's. And it's. It's. And it's. And. It's. Her and her lose the blue. And if it's. Your. I. It's. It's. It's. Yeah it's. I. On the moon. Yeah. OK okay. It's. Okay yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It's. It's. OK. Okay. It's. It's. Blue moon are OK. Okay. And it didn't. Okay. It's. Okay. And I. And the. Yeah. I didn't. Know. Larry's famous as a composer you know as well as my stroke that thing about this study and brown in the that you Google and now one titled it took a million years in the yeah. The. Okay. Okay. And and. The the and and I it's. And he Eden. It's. Okay. Okay. And. Okay. And. Okay. And is to not come to me. Hands and new mill Malone. Was not meant then and and it's not and there are all these year low. Rim. And all the hole and turn them marry him here in Newton and the time and slim leads them the dream. Wow. Zero lead the madman who loves them and. And on. Loan. Okay. Here. And then love it and not. When you land there and they give out. Hello. And they song in blood and then land unilateral and no well the main staying in London and none name then. Those Manning them not me. EU. We'll be there I'm glad I'm playing man none of them. Again. OK. Okay. Okay. And. Yeah. So you learn. And yeah. You mind and I. Hello my. He loves him. Need a big guy. Hi I have my. I've done ugly thing and I'm I am glad though they. That. And on love alone nanny and loud and now Latin they would. Now and then and needs I'm gonna love. I've let that none that we. For me man my. Believe me I mean yeah. Low rent. Oh man. I love my. You can't pin. Oh my. Oh god didn't. The big guy out then I don't know. And you know. I am love thing. Lee and me in the then that's OK and then. Believe me you know I'll see you name me. Come and and I'm who'll win me. Comments now that boom room. Win me. Yeah yeah. I am who loved me then you read. To me eat. Come and Sam I love guru. Win me. Good evening that is definitely good news now from the streets of her as a role within that. But on the game wise way of New York that. Great to win fifty student music has provided by the professor. Did you as a pet Poodle. Larry equipment is famous car. Events to a certain special called the big difference. I've been introduced through charming hostess to be away then. Time to introduce again. I've got. And. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Do you. And then. And he is then this love and love today and hello we. Yeah. Need. Okay. Okay. Mom a then. I make my. Me him via a live yeah. Live on man. Men. We've mostly local modern spiritual America and the best thing I told. Back. Okay. There were at risk children from Orlando players drills. It's me check event to go there and took a trip to the land of Babylon its. Yeah me Czech defender go Nebuchadnezzar. Was the king of Babylon. Maybe check a bit ago took a lot of gold and embed an idol. Yeah me Jack good bad news home. I need to know. They went they're losing Ramona you're. Everybody wrote live music no McLaren. And it. Then everybody when they heard the music of a love. Plus Bob product worship as they. But for the children of Israel alone oh no it's. You OK. I don't. King but look chairman of the fire had burned a hole. Mean Jack given the whole heap on the coals on the red on the brimstone. Mean Jack given the go seven times not having a lot of little out of me. Mi Jack commit to go burn up soldiers I'm I'm gonna have to put that our chat black and I mean Jack got better call. Oh then and it all we want to win. None of them of the burden. Mom's mom got me. And even a line around ahead of shot the drive. Yeah yeah. Well there's nothing. You have a good NASCAR. Fan we saw the clouds around them all of them. And fattening. Diamond in the awesome to have a good. I don't know I had a better. That bright future ahead. In the total that he does they. Distinguished Verifone. Mr. Ford who are known as the Fed irishman who has promised. And here's a little bit of good vote for me no has sung by the way it's. Swung by America. I am in my move. And I feel I'm him I'm an enemy. Not to. I think yeah. Now I feel like I'm meal I'd imagine if we. Our begins today. Now live good time. Mom. Now did you gain in men and I. I have been much in the and I feel I'm new I didn't mean. This. But again. I have been I allude. Within my love. And I feel I had a new mom I didn't. There. And again. Enough about of the lovely and Jimmy. So waiver. Probably ever rub preventing business whether. Larry but. Over but we have to do more on this premise are it was a playing video from the streets of Paris Rome. Of the international business in oh yeah on the gave wide play. New York. This is the national broadcasting company. I. I. Okay. More. Okay. Okay. Okay. Main. Laying up. Then I had no one here in the mood. Well. That is and I have room. Yeah and then you. I mean really didn't do them. And some man living in London then wake up women loud and I'm glad he ran. When you have a number like lemon and I'm Lou AM London him enough that we'll ahead. Name. Okay. In world war I and then move my hand. There we go at number six smile on featuring BWAY involvement. The. OK. Okay. The news here do you. Do you. Yeah OK. Okay. Yeah. OK. Okay. Okay it's okay. OK okay. OK. It's. OK okay. It's. It's. A lot of and and I. I. Oh. The. Okay. New England while I. It's. So yeah I mean yeah. Yeah. I. And I. And meeting on him I handle. Then we need names you load mom. I've really gone in and I'm. And love and the only time. On and landing in new thing and he didn't. Hand written things that the blue. Is neither man name and I am. It's. Still need and even. And saying. OK. Yeah. Day he'll I am not. And love and have learned the news. There and me and my own. I. And then dream team and middle. And then down with those London flat. And and I. This. OK okay. Some McLaren and Larry there are the cab moves are swinging. I. Okay. And sooner or. Me so. We. Well. I. Okay. I do. Yeah. Okay it's okay. It's. It's. Yeah yeah. It's. And the room. Okay. Yeah. I. Okay. Okay. A that in no way ever swelled twosome coming up. Breslin has left the widowed trade sweetheart and second son Bobby way and wanna go agreement cleric Clinton play. Wow. Lose this. Okay. It. We're. OK okay. It's. It's. Didn't okay. Yeah. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah yeah. We'll I had little green and then. Until you really need a moon and we'll. And I love me I'm glad we're not move. The music. Yeah Moulin. OK. Okay. And yeah. Yeah me well. Whom we will learn it yeah and blue moon name. Okay. I don't know what he meant little then and loved and. And we now and then and then I didn't need. The love. Annual and love who. Okay me yeah and. OK okay. Me. Yeah I had a nice Villa GM and we. Okay. I'll. Long at all it's. A. Do you. I. Snow Larry Clinton and his band and a final or do rhythm called a chapter of the jungle. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. And the okay. OK okay. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. We'll. Pool a pool. Okay yeah. Yeah. Yeah who. Blue. Okay it's. Her weeks. Larry Obama won last playing well that does is done in brown that's the longest running about them. Okay. Oh. It's. I wouldn't. And I didn't. OK. Okay. OK. Okay. It's OK. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay okay. Okay. Okay. Relief wells are only broader cooling down the sterling building government cleric Clinton a relentless focus on the broadcasting in the streets of the selection. Limits that are less than those in all week and at times wherein royal Zulu and nine. The. OK okay. This is the national broadcasting company. Who star spangled radio hour on line crews some 1430 dot com and a fabulous evening. Once again showcasing the the variety of programs that are here it week in and week out for you to enjoy and of course the podcast you can listen to it anytime during the weeks and you can relives the program's. And that that was so and so or robbery and Zell low end in Dennison everybody involved thank you very much that was a delight to. We I was happy I added this was really a lot of trying to put together and not a real happy to hear about these actually kind of course she'd been undergo what else can grow and I can listen to Lugar problem. And he might actually be good group good life. When loved good well and all that put it this was a really from program to put together. And it and it and line up everything away that track to teach your sister her talent what triple pollution I think is really incredible loser he so well that's great now no actually which collapsed. On one now let me back up at a minimum chuckling a national chuckling about just open your drink put. In honor of orphans and you can page and all and more all the people who are even worse in the entered the UK papers. True what you create interest stink. And we're. Going nowhere. Ergonomic or your army air force districts aren't in on review for at least they don't simple quote push a camera first. I tender and although it 300 US stocks are shut down early and I don't show it in partnership and actually shows dedicated to all of our world French and tall person. Whatever in the United Kingdom. Because he truly excellent we'll talk a little bit about how. Actually most we're we're so we don't get worn plot though we don't. Know we don't forget that actually if you can appreciate history pursue certain can and who. And I'm sorry we're not just a little inlet to read the books used car. Well actually that's on current parent that Lisa and Steve Miller. We can calm until everybody in the army in our first regular radio are a bit and remember this when they understand. That you if you were to launch pace to be closer Bedanova under area has. You look at that the that the equipment that. And you question her choice to the television at all that you realize and certain certain of the population who believe that this. Listen this is an agreement saying it would you have personally didn't thirty who had. And I bought. It seems that the oversight board reviewed do you shoot have you been. Well he's. Or card today anyone who are what are important. British Kurdish people aren't woke my show and sweeps through your little Beagle that we are we Maarty Leunen ST quarter two or play an extra sure about how do you talk to perfect WR listen we know we go to Q and grandchildren and children and yes that's. All right let's have a good Labor Day weekend. Caricature learned and don't contact you want to see intricate little goofy chemistry and this summer and yeah they are not here we go here we go into order. Here we go off into. For all of our dear friends. For all of our dear friends and in Texas who have lived through one hell over weekend and our thoughts and I have creators should continue to be with you and hopefully things are are slowly drying out down there but it just knew your and our thoughts and were reaching out to reach an MG and our prayers and and best wishes there really done theirs now becomes the monumental task of rebuilding and recovery in all there are so. Yeah. I'm on the front end and sober note but that is just Gloucester incredible career should be absolutely use the trigger all the pro torture not arbitrage and. Number no now so far right so there you go that's the show this week Dennis thanks have a good weekend. He Aurora. Are item for the rest. No in the twins coming up next week. You never hear this song. Have a good week everybody and their great rest of the Labor Day weekend see you next time.