Top 25 Christmas Songs of All Time!

Thursday, December 22nd

Listen in as Rick counts down the Top 25 Christmas songs of all time and the stories behind them! Love it!


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And well my friends let's settle in here together for the next couple of hours because it is time for us to count down the top 25 Christmas songs of all time now we'll tell you this isn't you know to. Anybody can make a list of the top anything right I mean so it's it's really just I would perspective on things and just. Based on requests and record sales and chart position over the years and so. We kind of put them all together and came up with our own little formula and the result was the top 25 Christmas songs. And then we thought we share the stories with you and we've been doing this for a lot of years and a lot of folks like him and I hope you will as well as we starts. We film number 25 Robert Allen was a pianist arranger and songwriter and for timeless and a company just for Perry Como. Allen's favorite Lira sister right with was Al Stillman. Trouble was he never strayed far from his New Rochelle, New York home where he wrote all the words to great classic songs like. Al Stillman was again wrote the words to chances are for Johnny Mathis who wrote everybody loves a lever for Doris Day. And he wrote the words to this song which required Robert Allen to go to his house to join him. Because for Al Stillman and they hit for Perry Como there's no place like home for the holidays. So there's no. Employees learn how. Florida. Those known. Those stones show. You can. It's true. Tennis thing. You lose. Used to. Good news. Okay. Think used to live good. I. Okay. Taken off the top 25 Christmas songs of all time at number 25 Perry Como there's no place like home for the holidays. At number 24 you know it's not everyone looked back turn their life after eighty years and say they contributed over a thousand pieces of music to the American library Catherine Davis a former piano teacher at Wellesley College could per worker earned her an honorary degree and writing award for mascara hip while millions have hurt her choral anthems. She's best remembered for a simple songs you wrote in the months before World War II now this was a time when America was still living with the effects of the Great Depression there was a lot of money for gifts and cards and party and for most people. Many people were making presents from scrap metal to give one another because a gift from my heart was all they can afford. So it was with that backdrop to Katherine senator piano in 1940 won't want an inroad of very simple song about a very simple gift imagining what it would look like to support child came to witness the birth of the savior. Davis composed Carroll with the drone. It seemed like the perfect song for the conditions of the day but it was pushed aside by Americans looking for sentiment in tunes like wait Christmas. And I'll be home for Christmas. In 1958 long after World War II it ended carry Simien was searching for a song for his Christmas album. Any happened upon Carol withdrawal Simien have once been director of the famed Fred wearing corral and now had his own choir. And he knew he could replace the sound to reproduce the sound of drums with four aces so we did some rearranging of the song and entitling it sensing it can be a huge hit Ximian releases song in November. Ended took the nation by storm. No one was more surprised than the men's seventy year old Catherine Davis when her Carroll with the drone. Now called the little drummer boy became the third most popular Christmas song of the decade I. I. To cruise in Christmas on AM 1430 M. Number 24 on our countdown of the top 25 Gary Ximian corral and little drummer boy we've got 23 coming up. Yeah a little mix Iraq can roll in some Christmas we're sure that next let's get back to work Kelly down the top 25 Christmas songs of all time we're up to number 23 we go back in 1957. Rock and roll finally met Christmas musical and advertising and public relations man Joseph Beale. And change boost joined together to write a song performance 21 year old singer. Who is as I'm sure is it any wonder rocking Christmas would meld it all they did. And the third most popular Christmas song since 1940 became. Jingle bell Iraq. My. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Jingle bell Rockwell who moving along here it's the most wonderful time of the year was written in 1963. By Edward Cole live in Georgia while. And it was recorded and released their year by Ian Williams for his very first Christmas album in fact it was the one we featured yesterday are classic Christmas album. Andy Williams Christmas album Columbia records wasn't so sure of the song's potential. So instead they opted to promote his cover version overweight Christmas isn't official promo single for the album. Well this song is a celebration and description of activities associated with the Christmas and holiday season you know focusing and get togethers between friends and families and telling scary ghost stories that. Kind of think of how we memorized. End to army goes roasting marshmallows wealth the original version of roots from. No the most wonderful time of the year by Andy Williams has since become a radio standard. And far outlived his recording of weight Christmas. It is the very first song we play every year to kick off the Christmas season and it's number 22 on our countdown. I. I. Okay. There will be. They are the top 25 Christmas songs of all time coming down exclusively your cruise in 1430 year it is an annual tradition of ours look forward to it were up to 21. Much has been written in the last twenty years or so about the origins of the twelve days of Christmas. Starting back in 1990s. Stories began to appear that there was a secret code of sorts development persecuted Catholics and England sometime in the sixteen hundreds to help young Catholics learned attendance of their faith. As that story goes Jesus is the partridge in the pear retreated to turtle doves are the old and in new testament and so when it goes when this legend was first told it spread like wildfire and then caught fire again went email came to the forefront and people could share would seem to be an incredible story. Then someone thought to ask the main proponent of the secret code soared to share his references. Any couldn't. Other researchers took up the mysterious twelve days of Christmas and if concluded that the song will likely was nothing more than twelve for the night memory and 45 game in which the leader recited verse the players added a person someone until someone messed up and had to pay a penalty like your kids were sweet. It's also believe now that four calling birds should actually before calmly birds. A black bird in five golden rings referred not to jewelry but the five rings around a pheasants neck. When you believe the secret code story or the French memory game story twelve days of Christmas is a sure bet to get a single law and started. And nobody mastered the sing along like Mitch Miller. I. I. I. I. I. Oh. I. Owe. I. I. I. Lost. 835 The Breakfast Club it's a cruise and Christmas on AM 1430 every year we can down the top 25 Christmas songs of all time. And we have made it up to number twenty a visit from saint Nicholas also known as the night before Christmas and twas the night before Christmas from its first line. Is that poem that was first published anonymously and 1823. Head to attributed to Clement C Moore we know now the poem which has been called arguably the best known first ever written by an American is largely responsible for the conception of Santa Claus from the mid nineteenth century to today including his physical appearance the night of his visit the mode of transportation. The number and names of his reindeer as well was the tradition that he brings toys to children. Prior to the poem America's ideas about saint Nicholas and other Christmas tied visitors varied considerably. The poem has influenced ideas about saint Nicholas incentive clause beyond the United States for the rest of the English speaking world to be long now according to legend a visit from saint Nicholas was composed for more on this snowy winters days during your shopping trip on its way. His inspiration for the character seen Nicklaus was a local Dutch handyman. As well as the historic saint Nicholas while more originated many of the features that are still associated with him across today. He borrowed other aspects such as some of the names of the reindeer the poem was first published anonymously in the Troy, New York sentinel on December 23 1823. Having been sent there by a friend of Clement Moore. And was reprinted frequently thereafter with no name attached only later did more acknowledge his authorship in the poem was included in an 1844. Anthology of his works. Moore had written just for his children and being a scholar and professor didn't wish at first to be connected with the poem. But his children insisted that it be included in his anthology. Today it is one of the classic works of all time performed here by the Brothers four plus. Okay. This. Okay. Crews in 1430 the Brothers for twas the night before Christmas all right let's move into the top twenty here now at number nineteen on our countdown of the top Christmas songs of all time. A song written in 1970 by the Puerto Rican singer songwriter Jose Feliciano with that simple Spanish chorus. The traditional Christmas new year greeting meaning Merry Christmas or prosperous year and happiness. And it's equally simple English first I want to issue a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my hard it has become a classic Christmas pop song in the US the Philippines Canada. And throughout the Spanish speaking world. At number nineteen for leaks now be adopted. Okay. Crews in Christmas and AM 14:30. AM that was number nineteen on our countdown of the top 25 Jose Feliciano and Feliz never adapt. Coming up next it's number eighteen which is really an interesting song it took two guys to write it from two different generations. And into other guys to help traditional foods according to historian it's next on our campus right now we're Kim Nam the top 25 Christmas songs of all time our next song has the distinction of being written by two men from different areas with the assistance for men of entirely different areas again it goes like this. Crazy cool Watson was an English hymn writer and a cleric who felt like there was so a little to stop a genius in the church back in the day so we started reading hymns that spoke to a new generation. And delivered messages that did the same and you know it that everyone was thrilled. Especially in 1719. When he re wrote the words to solve 98. He published this song along with others and after his death in 1748. They quietly moved to the back to very. Everyone's mind are you move forward to 1827. And lol Mason is the talk of the town. He's one of the most influential people in New England music circles. But he was constantly at odds with the establishment. Schools at the time ignored music so we used his own money to initiate the first public school music program in Boston. In 1836. He was working on a new morality inspired by music from handel's messiah when he came across the words that want to have written almost a 120 years earlier. He married his ability to watch word. And this song that really was never intended to be your Christmas classic was born in fact to this day no one knows for sure why it became associated with Christmas. Except for the announcement of lord's birth or maybe that would do it took us almost I think wants Lowell Mason an influence from handle. To give us joy into the world. From Percy faith in the orchestra there's joy to the world at number eighteen on our countdown let's move up to seventeen. Our final from the top 25 for this hour. Jane Livingston and ray Evans were the two most sought after songwriters in America is the 1950s again. They have won Academy Awards for buttons and those and Mona Lisa. And had sold hundreds of millions of records well in 1951. Paramount Pictures approached the two. And asked them to write to score for a new Bob hope's film being shot called the lemon drop kid. Livingston and Evans have written the music for hope's classic pale face and took the job without hesitation. They have the duo met Tim Evans office and read through the script and they knew immediately it was unlike any other holiday movie film because it was said in the city and none in the country. So we need to music to reflect his city life and as they brain stormed one of the men picked up a small silver bell from the desk and started playing with it the sound that bell transported the two to the streets of new York and they begin writing a busy sidewalks and decorated store windows and anxious shoppers. They were so excited about their work they couldn't wait for the studio to cure it so they sang it to ray Evans wife and she started laughing. Horror. Confused today after what was wrong and she said unless you change the course everyone has come away I'm sure enough when they listen to the song again. They realized Tinker Bell was singular work at all. That's what they had named the song a couple different about it some more they scratched out tinker. Changed it to silver. And the rest is history president John F. Kennedy declared it his favorite Christmas song. And soon it would become all of America's is well that's right we wrap up the start of the top 25. Christmas songs of all time with the number seventeen performed by Johnny Mathis. Here's the great classic living today and Evans tune. So over the. The move fast. Okay. Yeah. In new. Okay. Okay. Am I. Okay. Business I. A spin. In new. He's okay. It's. Okay. And okay. News. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay okay. And then. Unmanned moon V. Oh. I. I. Ian okay. Okay. News okay. I. Do you. Some. Okay. In this. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. I. Let's get back to the top 25 Christmas songs of all time we count them down Ed free year. As a part of the tradition of The Breakfast Club during the holidays and we're up to number sixteen on our countdown. If you've ever seen the movie meet me in Saint Louis etched in your mind forever is the poignant scene where pastors sings a song of reassurance to relive her sister about moving from Missouri to New York it was Christmas even tuning was certain Santa wouldn't be able to finder at her new address when they moved right. When asked her tragic homers sister she was worried about losing her new relationship before it got started. Looking out over a snow covered lawn Judy Garland character winds of music box and begins to sing. Cuba lane and Ralph Martin those films song writers felt to make the scene feels tender they needed to right of payment. So the men wrote have yourself a merry little Christmas it may be your last next year we will be living in the past. Thinking they have the perfect song they were shocked when chewed he refused to sing it. Thank you send it back demanding they put a pour more positive spin on it. The writers tried to convince the director and producer they were right but they agreed with Judy and the duo went back to work. So what they didn't understand was the 21 year old Garland knew. Exactly what the country needed to do you have spent much of every spare moment of her past three years entertaining the troops. She knew that they were her age and had already spent years fighting for their lives what they wanted most was to live through the war and no there were better days waiting at home. Judy knew this song needed to provide hope for those borders. Don't blame him Martin wrote a far more upbeat opening and let your heart be light troubles will be out of sight presented exactly what Garland felt American needed when she sang it it became more than a song. It was her prayer for the millions wanting nothing more than to be home for Christmas. Later when Judy Garland would sing have yourself a merry little Christmas with the Hollywood canteen. There wouldn't be a dry eye in the house the 21 year old instincts were absolutely right. I. I mean you know. Curtis. Yeah. Okay. Yes. Okay. Do you. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. We have yourself a merry little Christmas and gray Judy Garland number sixteen you know all right let's move up to fifteen and 1745. Yeah. Which limits of meters here we were coming down they have 25 Christmas songs of all time not just you know the west. Fifty years in 1745. At the age of 35 English poet John we'd found himself between a rock and a hard place. The Church of England in the Roman Catholic Church were engaged in the holy war and many practicing Catholics were forced to worship in secret. To avoid being imprisoned or killed for their faith priests fled to England and John Wade was one of those he ended up in France where he was asked to carefully researching document historical church music can preserve it for future generations. Well he was a co lead refer in the skilled musician in the amount only save the songs he organized and distribute them to churches throughout Europe. We beautifully re claim gold pieces but added new ones as well. In 1750. He finished the most famous of his works a song that for whatever reason wasn't credited to him until music researcher discovered his original work nearly 200 years later. And the song was recorded by Bing Crosby as the flip side. To wait Christmas. Into good did John Wade finally received the recognition he deserves for the words he penned during a time of great conflict. Only person of great faith could have written a song that draws all people together in one place. At the same time each Christmas. This club crews and 1430 prison Christmas and there we go a number fifteen O come all ye faithful was. Perform their about the festival orchestra are right we'll stop for a sec catch our breath to reload our coffee cups. Number fourteen is on bill wave from its. I jumped into 919 this is The Breakfast Club every year our tradition is to countdown the top 25 Christmas songs of all time at some point. In our tradition last week was to do those crazy songs of Christmas right. Well maybe the two lists crossover every now and then as in right now always want for Christmas is my two front teeth. It's a novelty Christmas song written in 1945 by Donald Gardner well teaching music at a public school in Smithtown New York. He asked his second grade class what they wanted for Christmas and he noted that noticed that almost all of the students had at least one friend who's missing as they answered them in the list. Gardner wrote this song in thirty minutes. In an interview back in the 1990s he set I was amazed that the way that silly little song was picked up by the whole country well it wasn't picked up at first infected almost wasn't picked up at all the song had been rejected by almost every one until it landed in the midst of Spike Jones in his city slickers. But some way in a piano with a Spike Jones recording session in 1947. And a few members of the troops out of mind to try. George rocky vocalist and trumpet player known for his unusual vocal effects toyed with the missing front teeth whistle. And the song was taped and released the following Christmas of 1948. Where it's sold two million copies in its first year. You have became the number one Christmas song that season. Then my. It really needs it married. Spears spears thinks the man who. The the heat and Rick. Yeah. It's. Here. And sued. In any room. And. Yeah. Yeah. Or. It spoon. Goodness sakes now you know George Iraq is a man who's the voice of to kill them all I want for Christmas or up to number thirteen. And where did it tell you about a theme you're gonna hear about often on. For the rest of the way through here and a few of these songs in 1948 having served in the military for four years during World War II LeRoy Anderson was at his summer home in Woodbury Connecticut in July is suffering through a terrible heat wave. As a means of cooling himself he began writing music for Christmas song and soon completed what has become one of the top songs of the season. In fact in the last couple of years Ascap has called this the most played song at the Christmas season. Arthur Fiedler in the Boston Pops for whom Anderson had been an arranger earlier in his career where the first two record the song. And it's been a standard ever since words were added later by Mitchell parish in 1950. And this has become one of this season's. A few songs here simply run. I can tell you the number of Christmas concert seven seed over the years every audience when they hear the crowd. Crack of the whip fifty in this way right if laughs and cheers it just never changes between LeRoy Anderson. At number thirteen. The song at number twelve may be. More than my favorite. Over all the Christmas songs stories that'll sure with you today most of the families who lived in rural Connecticut third Kentucky India late eighteen hundreds were pour. And that was the case for the Gillespie's namely that included a little haven among the ten children. Clinton's mother would often reminder children at Christmas salmon not only knew when they were sleeping but like sort of we also knew they were better good those words stuck with all the children who weren't perfect but thought better of doing anything crazy. At age sixteen haven left high school to find work eventually making his way to New York City where you began writing copy for the New York Times and on the side. He wrote songs on tin pan Alley for vaudeville acts. By the time he was 21 in 1911 he signed a contract with Leo face to music publisher. In his career took cost. In 1934 radio star Eddie Cantor begin to look for a children's Christmas song and as summer turned to foam he's still haven't found anything he went to Leo phys for help. Leo said oh sure we'll get your song of the week movie she didn't really have anything go. But he took a leap of faith believing haven Gillespie can get the job done why even didn't feel the same. When it was called the Leos office he was in terrible spirited just learned one of his Brothers had died. And everything bouncing around in his head was sad he said DiLeo mouth I can't do this but Leo said look at this could be big for us. Well Linda unconvinced he even left the office and boarded the subway for his fifteen minute ride home. Can begin to her call special times with his family in Kentucky. It took out an envelope and started to write what he remembered one thing his mom's warning about Santa Claus you better watch out. He heard Lee wrote everything that came to his mind and before his subway trip was up the heat have this poem written fifteen minutes. The next day the lyrics were given to John cahoots with the instruction that was a rush job after he read the words come to felt they had a rhythm like training wheels on rails. He finished the music in no time. And achieve this song to Eddie Cantor who love that can perform the song and it's 1934 Thanksgiving network radio show. Saying it is eroded the Macy's parade it became the one of the best loved of all children's Christmas songs. But for hated it had a different effect you always associated with his brother's death. Well write every story has two sides constrained. Salmon crisis came in the town. Your best out. Is make no less. Twice. When you are. So being it's. Safe. Oh you better watch out. I went to sleep. Always. Be good full. Oh goodness I. Now let's show. I. He is come. Eddie and 1430 our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and happy. 2017. If you're taken off on vacation we have not safe travels and remember you can listen to us wherever you are with our great crews in 1430 app now take. All right let's get up to a number eleven we're just about to hit the top ten of our top 25 countdown at number eleven Tommy Connor wrote the words and music to one of the most popular songs of World War II the song Lili Marlene. Yeah I think and he. Looking in my Lister to make sure due to the rights are new York and he. Also I was born in London in 1904. In heat continued. To write songs. After the war not having near this success that he had had the wind he wrote this song. Until 1952. Have this much to do with the singer is a dozen songwriter in this case it's hard to imagine anyone doing a better job than thirteen year old little Jimmy Boyd with our. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus although. When the song came out not every one who was pleased with it. As a matter of fact avoids a record was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in Boston when it was released on the grounds that it mixed kissing with Christmas. Boyd was called to a meeting with the Archdiocese of Boston to explain the song. And they must have been as taken with little Jimmy is the nation was after the meeting the ban was lifted. And we can all enjoy mummies. Just in Santa Claus. I. Games don't wow me. Okay. Steamy okay. The and I. Okay. Me yeah. And I leave my. Yeah. I mean. It's. The you need. I mean. And I mean. Learned. Oh number eleven with Tommy Connors song and little Jimmy Boyd saying and I some army. Kissing Santa Claus work to number ten on our countdown and this would be of all the stories and and assure my second favorite story with you by Christmas time 1942. American had been changed forever. Families have watched his loved ones left to serve in the military and eight years since she attacked him Pearl Harbor and thousands have already been lost in combat. On the outside it looked like Christmas. Christmas tree lots were opened store windows were decorated and everyone tried to make home feel like it always did during the holiday but this was a different time the sounds of sleigh bells and caroling had been joined by families are being good bye and train stations and crying his new soldiers well for duty. And the radio news bulletins are battles being fought in places loved ones had mentioned in their most recent letters home. And everybody anxious Christmas 1942 broke hardy took the thought of being apart. So it was when Kim Gammon sat down and captured what she was seeing and feeling. In a simple twelve line I want. She must have been overwhelmed with emotion and could've written endlessly about the world right outside her window which he captured the emotions of millions. It would seem more like a letter home. And a song. Walter Kemp the man responsible for white cliffs of Dover was kitten in the task of putting music to Kim's words when he read the poem he thought tables with a place reserved for one mother's trying to smile through the tears of sorrow when she baked for those still at home and and opened presents under the tree. When finished the song that only told of her longing. But of our hope that soon we would all be together again Bing Crosby recorded it on October 4 1943. And that Christmas it became the most requested song Christmas USO shows in Europe in the Pacific. Throughout the World War II Korea Vietnam and other conflicts. The song captured the emotions of those on the battle front as well as those at home praying for their return. At number ten is only she could sing it here is being. And I'll be home for Christmas. A. Our crews. Missiles. And I. News mercy. A. Lord. It's okay. I. And so. My career I. Are wrong. Through a home. Listening to the countdown of the top 25 Christmas songs of all time until breakfast club annual tradition right here today on 1430 and there's being and I'll be home for Christmas all right we've made her way into the top ten now with number nine you know many of the Christmas songs we love didn't start his songs at all good. Rather his TV shows or books some started his songs and ended up is forward so that's the case with this next song written in 1950 by Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson. Frosty the snow may have made an immediate impact on children kids love stories of inanimate objects especially ones that come to life and Charlie right. Rowan and Martin wrote the song after the tremendous success Gene Autry had with Rudolph's red nosed reindeer do you before once written. The simply song to archery. Who happened to be looking for a follow up to trust the match made in heaven tree ended up selling a million copies of the record in 1950 in 1969. Jimmy Durant he created the role of trustee for the classic TV special we've enjoyed ever sets. Say you. Here and all the great songs of Christmas with you right here only on 1432. Meter NT and frosty the snowman all right we've got eight left ago. You narrowing down the list has started to at number 25 and 8 o'clock. We've got the top peak Christmas songs of all time coming up pretty recruits from 1430 RA didn't back to it at 949 were up to number eight on our countdown of the top 25 Christmas songs of all time here crews in 1430. Its own many considered to be the most well known well loved before Christmas songs actually had its beginning is a tune written for a Thanksgiving service. In 1840 Jane's pierpont so young man who have long shown a talent for music. Was asked ray's father to write something special for the upcoming Thanksgiving service. In New England in the mid eighteen hundreds Thanksgiving was actually a much bigger deal than Christmas. Pure putts added his father's home in Medford Massachusetts working on it too when he started to watch young men sledding down a hill outside the window. Change her on a coat went out to cure the participants on in for an hour was taken with the scene. And the tingling bells on the sleds. Stepping back into the house speaker putt began humming to himself as he warmed by the fire. He knew it was on to something say please go back on race after the house of mrs. Waterman who had the only piano in town. Asif editor piano and worked out the parts mrs. Waterman said well that's a merry little jingle you. Have there James talked to song. He titles one horse open slate to the Medford church choir in the performance drew rave reviews in fact the choir was asked to perform and a gimmick Christmas. And visitors to bad service took the song home to their communities where it was started her Christmas song. Here's later pierpont moved to Savannah Georgia where he finally have the song published. And it wasn't until an article about the song appeared in 1860 for the kings fully understood the significance is one more so princely had achieved but later renamed it jingle bells it is one of the best selling in most loved Christmas songs of all time. You lose. You know. Love away. That is to ride you know unharmed so burns okay. And move jingle bells. Go blow away. Good that is to grant him on Mars opens play. News though. It's okay. I feel we go. Oh okay. Well I'm about to ring. And then this to ride. OK so I do know. I notice you arrive you know on the Marshall. It's okay. Jean. Notice to kind of go on Mars opens. Okay and and there. He's. Okay. On the ground is fine. Okay girls turn. I am saying is saying song just had a Bob tail man. Then hey addition to an old friends and crack your take the lead to follow. Okay. It is your you know on. It's me. I. News new. You know. So I. There's Perry Como along with the Fontaine sisters singing the song you're number eight on our countdown of the top 25 there's jingle bells so for those of you just joining us let's recap what we've done so far as we started with the top 25 songs of all time we've got seven left. 25 was there's no place like home for the holidays twenty for the little drummer boy. 23 jingle bell rock 22 it's the most wonderful time of the year 21 to twelve days of Christmas. In a number twenty was twas the night before Christmas nineteen for at least now be died eighteen joy to the world seventeen with silver bells. And we got to number. Number fifteen O come all ye faithful fourteen all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Number thirteen was way right twelve was Santa Claus is coming to town number eleven I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. And then we got into the top ten with I'll be home for Christmas at number ten frosty the snowman and number nine and you just heard jingle bells and number eight so that leaves us seven to go. As we continue counting down b.'s top songs of Christmas at number seven. The number one Christmas songs of 1958. Its creator prospect in this area was a Hollywood actor. He had been in style log seventeen and rear window he wasn't a noted songwriter. But in September of 58 while playing with the tape recorder he got the idea to record voices and half speed. And then sing an introduction in his normal voice when he finished. He thought the voices sounded like butterflies or for money sort rabbits but mostly they sounded like chip monks. Well there was Alvin Simon Theodore became rodents in the chipmunk song won two grammys. OK Simon. Good sign. The. Let's go over. Well there you go when to chip monks having their way with the David Seville and then the chip monks on our we're gonna wrap this horrific number six with a song that Dick Smith. A native of homes bill Pennsylvania's said to a written the lyrics to. After seeing homes deals Central Park covered in smoke keep the snow he had written the words. Well in the west mountain sanitarium being treated for tuberculosis. Better known menace consumption. The tragic story to the song is neither of the song's writers who lived to see it become popular written in 1934 by Smith. Music was headed by feel which Bernard onetime vaudeville performer attempt to answer. And the song was first recorded by guy Lombardo and his royal Canadians after Smith passed away. A year after he completed the song Bernard would pass away ten years later. Well before it became one of the most popular Christmas songs of America in the 1950s. Well we've done our job of counting down the top 25 Christmas songs of all time almost we've got five left to go. And here in the top five we start in the year 1818. And during a particularly cold winters Joseph Moore was making last minute preparations for a special Christmas Eve mass he'd been planning for months. Everything was ready except when he tried to play the organ. It wouldn't. He spent hours on the old instrument trying everything he could think up with a no load. And realizing he couldn't do any more the priest paused and prayed for inspiration. Or more would find his answer in a poem he had written two years earlier. Inspired on a winter's war from his grandfather's home to the church. Digging steely enough Heatley knocked from his desk. More read the words and realize the lord had answered his prayer each of the paper in his pocket any ran into the night just hours before Christmas Eve midnight mass making his way to school teacher from Gruber tells. And begin to knocked loudly on the door. After a quick hello the priest to explain the problem with few organ and ask rumors there was any way he can great music for the formal Gerber said in new. That kind of short but he nodded his head and city give that a try as soon Gruber was back at the church rehearsing the song with the choir here. And what should have taken weeks it was done and hours just after midnight for. Gruber and more stood in front of the main altar backed by the choir and saying silent night for the first time. They could not have known what the song would soon mean to the world. It is the most loved and most recorded songs of all time. And during the war is troops have laid down arms and showing just seeing me. In its peaks. I. Leave now. I. I. It's. The. It's okay. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. Okay. I. Okay. Oh I. Oh okay. Okay. News. OK. I. I. Heard. Johnny Mathis and screamer. Even. You know silent night holy site right here. Raise your hand if you remember Montgomery wards just. We was working well below his skill level go to college degree during the depression didn't mean a lot in May was simply looking to hold on waiting for things to improve. Prove that they wouldn't be any time soon. His dear wife Evelyn was in a losing battle with cancer in her fight had depleted all of their funds. Me and his daughter Barbara held each other in their drafty two room Chicago apartment as he tried to answer her desperate questions. About why her life was so different from other children. When his daughter to understand there was hope in being different didn't mean you have to be ashamed he became the teller tale of a reindeer with a large red nose. May described in story form Detroit the committee found when someone discovers their special place in the world Farber is so loved the story she asked her father to tell it every night. And each night new characters were dad. Well enabled to purchase gifts for Barbara good Christmas by abused his skills as an illustrator to write and draw the story of Rudolph the red those ranger and presented tour. Soon his co workers of Montgomery wards got word of the magical story and asked if may would read it to them. He reluctantly did and they gave the standing ovation. Soon Montgomery Ward's would be giving out copies of our main story to every child and visited towards Christmas. Eventually may remarried his new brother in law Johnny marks a major songwriter for the stars decided to adapt to story can to a song. He approached Bing Crosby recorded he said no you approached by any shorter recorded she said no. Finally he sent the song did you not three who was looking for a follow up to here comes Santa Claus. He almost said no but his wife heard the demo and loved the song in demanded he recorded it. Smart woman. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the story written to soothe the little girl who lost her mother at Christmas time. Became the second biggest selling Christmas songs of all time. I. I. If you ever saw. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. We're. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hello yes indeed it breakfast club cruised in 1430 and it's a cruise and Christmas. Counting down the top 25 there's Gene Autry Rudolph the red nosed reindeer at number four the top three yet. They're coming up next as we get to the top three songs of all time in our countdown of the top 25 you know it's real subjective right anybody could come up with their list. Certainly yours would likely be different than ours we based that on record sales and chart position and requests and all that good stuff we think it's a good list then manner which wonder where it's 25 it's just fun to share the stories of these songs. Ended number three let's imagine it's a hot day in July 1945. In the song writers Julie Stein and Sammy can't have just finished up some business with the publisher. And Sammy suggested to a head to the beach to cool down a bit but stymied every workaholic suggest they cool off by writing a song with the winter theme. Once the popular baritone bond tomorrow lends his voice to the tune it became an instant classic. And number 30 lead its move that it's no. I. June. Don't really talk. I. I. It's. Medicine. There you go Vineland road that's always been recorded hundreds of times but that's still stands is kind of the best selling of all time from the great baritone Vaughn Monroe. All right the top two in at number two we're gonna do then you know it's really hard in the summertime thing again. It was a year later than this on your victory that was July of 1946. And it was ridiculously hot in Toluca Lake California. And Robert wells and was feeling it. Mel Torme they were called letters to a later that he went to visit his songwriting partner and opening the door marking the piano he noticed a writing pad on the music forward with four lines written on it. Chestnuts roasting. Jack Frost nipping. Yuletide carols. And folks dressed up like eskimos will permit was captivated and doctors have the making of the song and 45 minutes later the Christmas song was completed. The two were so excited they took some music and immediately drove to Los Angeles to play it for Nat King Cole. The Nat King Cole trio with guitarist Oscar Moore and bassist Johnny Miller was appearing at the Truckee bureau in Hollywood and after the last out. Mil came up to the bandstand and told them that he had a new song he was eager for him to hear. After the western customers away after Mel said down at the piano and perform the Christmas song for NAFTA and the guys. Net loved it immediately and he sent him at the piano and ran it down a couple of times as matches now like the song he told Mel it would be wrong to record it we just the trio didn't deserve to bigger showcase. Carlos just know who was managing both of the men at the time tried to perceived weak capital records to use a few strings just for this one song. No look no strings. On June 14 1946 while appearing at TC stable in New York to trio went to the studios of WNCA. Radio to record the song. As soon as he heard the first playback net knew it was wrong and he was determined to have his way displaying a rare instance of stubborn myths. He convinced capital to weather Marie record at this time with a string section. On August 1946. That went back in the that same studio for his first ever orchestral recording. By the way the string section consisted of four string players on purpose and a drummer it turned up perfectly. And became a watershed recording in his career. Mets first recording of the Christmas song hit the record stores for the third week of November 1946. And in response was incredible weeks later if one week it reached number three on the pop. And rhythm and blues charts which was an uncommon crossover. Here it is next cool. And the Christmas song. If they again. Okay. I am. Okay. So wonderful mash up the version of Nat Cole and his daughter met. And the Christmas song right here they christened 1430 when that record to back in the forties it was a the first -- pop artists have had an orchestra behind him and it was quite to treat well here we do it was gone all the way to number one and our countdown thank you for sharing the morning with the senate to get an email from people said look at guys scheduled no meetings this morning so I consider my desk and listen all this. Had a couple of folks say they put rush hub for you until we were dead fades things through sharing this with us I look forward to sharing news stories every year there's a distinctive beautiful stories. And you know it's it's cool to know that through these songs we sing along to disturb you really do have some wonderful background stories. And so it is with a number one song it's no surprise when it is in 1940. Irving Berlin was 52 years old and one of the most successful lyricism America. His Easter parade was is important to that season as aid comes word. And god bless America was becoming the most patriotic tune in and America facing World War II. Paramount Pictures invited Irving to return to Hollywood to write to score through new Bing Crosby Fred Astaire movie called how Libya. It was a love story that develops over several holidays and the cast be careful it's my heart to the Valentine day's sun would be the huge hit. But the wind five to Christmas song was better in fact he worked endlessly on that one tomb finishing at last. The musical director for the film thought the song was no okay when Holiday Inn opened in 1942 the movie was met with a lukewarm reception. But the Christmas song from the movie won the Oscar as best song. And when being introduced the tune on his radio show that winner white Christmas became huge shift in fact. It was the American servicemen overseas who besieged armed forces radio with a request to please disarmed. Fulfilled its popularity back home later. Berlin called white Christmas not only the best song I ever wrote but the best song anyone ever. I. Okay. I. Okay. I saw. And I. I. I. So there you go at 1037 of The Breakfast Club and you may recognize that you know as some other folks singing they're not feel traditional Bing Crosby solo version of it and I threw that in their because. White Christmas has kind of two stories the Irving Berlin story that I shared with you also win the movie white Christmas came and in 1954. They cast recording album for the movie Rosey Clooney is in the movie but Columbia records wouldn't let Rosemary Clooney record. For the cast album. So Peggy Lee was called in to record the parts of Rosie Clooney. And that's what you heard right they're just kind of it's all very interest in the midst of very go my friends that top 25 Christmas songs of all time it was a pleasure sharing them with you as part of our crews and Christmas and AM 143.