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Saturday, March 18th


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Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning show with Dennis Ferrer. Have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. And now here's your host Dennis breath. Okay. Well those are beautiful morning again. And any day above ground is your better day below ground. My name is Dennis Ferrer luck this is the ultimate retirement planning show go to federal tax advisory group and retirement planning to our comp. But Collison threes are all 33060. Winds are all five. And we have our great show today in the showed today. Is going to be dedicated to what should couples do. When downsizing in retirement. We're not even going to be talking about investments today. And holy Moly blue just walk then hopefully this will go home for good morning prayer book good morning Dennis I could have been called a lot of things well holy Moly is not there one of them or you know calling the only gotten a method that but in. No she sort of little and always did so it's good to say that we only anchor to show you remember people you're so should go through which is. I do remember that. We have a high blood pressure pills were called the water the water chosen were both now dating ourselves or worded and yes Richard Horner. Peso downsizing which is actually I am I'm glad to be eavesdropping on this week's program because. I'm going through a little bit of that in my own police right now and it's amazing how much stuff you accumulate. Not only in your garage or in your closets book but in all parts of your life in our secure absolutely right and. These are memories slew are true life. Some people have lived in their homes for over forty years you know they've raised their children or grandchildren have come. Phase they have shortened sentimental things and they are from trips are pretty chuck. It brings back memories you and you know when you look at it this is really emotional. And unhappiness is the stuff regime junk. Barth. Summary it is Jiang might to a lot of people. Trying to let go of this century these sentimental things. You know it's hard thing to do first of all they have to go through retirement. And end their lives are changing and they feel you know the biggest thing when people retire. He feels and I needed anymore. And then there can be the furthest thing from the true sure that's why there should be play any of support groups family and friends around. And I've talked while leaving the area to an unknown area some ten assists on a good thing to do you know of the doctors are here are your friends are either. They're widespread here I myself. By five children or more than twenty minutes of me and my grandchildren. I get that same luxury now I mean and so are true have you children Jonas. Maybe just re real since the fifth cut cut cap app so far you have to play so they have all this stuff for accumulated. And they're wondering what Warner might gonna do so you show this like an obstacle. In their way. And the best thing is sister goes through prioritize. The things that are most important. There's a couple of keepsake things that you keep when you move of course should know more than your proof. But there's some things slack here now. Like little Johnny's soccer medals from when he played soccer and all his old trophies. Thank you try to load on little lower off to little Johnny Littlejohn and then warm here but you know I I ever had some. Thing that said if you've got items that are in big you've kept. And they relate to your children's experience you should take them to your children are invited them over and say visa war your words. If you want them take them if not I'm getting rid of them and M and do that with the stuff the blunder your kids right. The stuff that belong to you that were part of your youth or part of your parents you know your kids to grandparents or great grandparents. Take a little note in right why you mean something. And attach it to the object either team took to the bottom of a different Psycho vase that's been sitting on a man told. Or if it's a mental you know do whatever a picture that hangs on the wall on the back of it. So if something happens to you and all of a sudden the kids have got to household fullest stuff they don't understand history behind and I stopped then they get a little note from you that says why it was so important you that you kept your whole life and some. I did that with my father's coaching gold watch. Now I and I kind of encased yeah. And it's Plexiglas thing and I gave it to my son. And I wrote the history on and then yes everything honest you know and nothing's done re worse over you know pointing going on troops sure it's expensive. I told a lunch and no matter how bad things could ever poem yet but yeah I. And here's why you know because you don't know right take him announced they see stuff in their lives they live a smaller. Life and we've flowers are in love them animals current tour and really got to Mohler junior illustrate how they live listen grab him to have him don't own cars do you take light room losses in public transportation and all that. They live the smaller life so the food they get overwhelmed by the side of wait a minute mom and a woman have all the furniture and all bets are. Because there's a reason there's a story behind this other story behind. Every game. And it's not just the stuff. Now here's the furniture true them and I mean if you're gonna downsize. You don't need all the furniture. So your first thought would be paid more in our daily to your children where you have mutual and come over. Now they don't want it I can assure you the salvation army of god so we have. They'll send a truck go Merrill actually pick it up and taken off to him and still no more for us no more among us. You know what a lot of people made the mistake of doing work. They they think is so valuable that they think about what they pay for during the past them. Our own views furniture is worthless you know and what they do is rational insurance. And then stuff all the stuff from the store insurance. While they're paying tour 300 dollars a month now four story should just so story joke but. Yep well and I think that listeners of the radio station of kept all their lives old 78 records. So they've got him in their basements I can't tell you the hundreds of people and I know right now people listening Niemi or mending their idea I've got him down there are valuable think they've achieved you got some value to them right but some oil on the tenth talks it's not going to find your next world crew no friends and and their warped by the NFL I think exactly correct I have so it did I guess what you have to do in this is the hardest part and I'm as guilty is it does anybody if your kids come and say no I really don't want to Kiki you can't take your personal moral right to actually get a lot of it when your downsizing you have to take that. Personal getting hurt part out of but he got a separate fact that's and all only only bring the stuff that's really. Emotionally important to us history. Is and and if you if you know if your kids don't think they want to pass it down to them. Then maybe self worth keeping. Because when you downsize or you're gonna have very limited space down. And I'm finding that my grandchildren even those a little bit young but they're starting to say hey I'd like to have that so maybe that's the worker and you get past your own kids get to your grip that kids can keep your stuff folks here or somebody wanted Meyer order around 1984. John Elway hell yeah aware either this man. The fifth fifth fifth fifth epithet but if there. I might have had a legitimate adware and you know if I also announced the whole bronco team Super Bowl team from nineteen something something there c'mon you know Brad Miller senior American a year and a marketing room I don't know if I was out I came when you know our first AFC champion yeah. I watch a picture of how the gold I was I was at that game delivers the raiders and I think I have this is suddenly torture definitely wish chopping the gold oldest are selling a silly if it's usually fifty bluntly people were of Tibet turf. Couldn't do it if that's true then and you know I would've bought a piece of the goal post placement to homeland running imbued FF FF. A our wanted to listen to the rest of the show and get some good advice for me today but it just wanted to drop him into him. While we appreciate that we're turnovers like air Marshal however being sticky here as well our grew in the hall and see if there's one out there in Auburn can not happen if there all right have a good hard drug dealers. While we're gonna take a brief break my name is Dennis services real threat retirement planning choke. Go to Ferrer FA RR a H tax of our Asian group retirement planning to our com. Or call us or to reserve of 3306. Or ones are far. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning show with Dennis Ferrer. Have questions about retirement. Get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 3033060105. And now here's your host. Dennis breath. Okay. Well we're back. Blue shirt and has fur of the ultimate retirement planning shell also 303306. Or 105. You know them downstairs and commanders are the images and cause some to clang. Weakening. Sometimes we envision a life senators descend to. Wear during the weighing. Drawing close to the end. Now sometimes will refrain from the process we'll kind of stepped out. And that's what it is is certain generic term thing rather than deteriorating anxious getting older. And things change chairs you get older through time to look at all the changes your car through life. Then let's talk about the plot possibilities some jokes how exciting it can be further change and downsides of let's talk a virus that are downsizing let's talk about clearing and composing. Composing but I like that word. We you know Dennis I just went through this this last year and we moved into one of those 55 plus communities all on one level. And considerably downsized. And we had to do a lot of purging. But that wasn't just the beginning. The yes. What what happened after that was the big B. A budget. The merger moral what you taught before and I just want talk about one thing and I want more limited way paired for the budget. You know what as we. Excavated earth the layers of our former life. Now we're less clear space. By getting rid of the baggage that goes we're either style. Physically. Emotionally and spiritually. For far too long list where you're only decisions as you think about this and you're still in the same ball. Buttons aren't shooting is a very important suddenly I'm downsizing. Which it you have to go through damp. Why actually. Made it very detailed I went through all of last year and I kept every hour record at everything we spent buying month. Every single bill what they'd gas the food and entertainment everything. Trying to see that when I set myself up then for this year. I had. A budgeted amount for each segment like this much for food this much for gas whatever. And so as I go into each month and put that then I see where I'm overspending. Or weren't saving money and that's a big theme because if I'm not able to save money. When I quit work I'm not gonna have enough to live on. Well that's true hum. You know we used to talk you and I would sit in meetings and I would had you to you would tell people all the time. You have got to start budgeting years before you actually retire. You do then and I tell people if you can't live on what your retirement income is going to be you're not able to retire. So. Look let's look let's kind of get back to the downsizing and and damn that is some good advice. Here now we do give people a budget list. Then a lot of times from me saying right now lawyer expresses this is done everything on that. They come not worry I'm saying we now know were spraying this kind of money and what we were spending and on. I think the biggest offer us was food. I mean when you consider how much you spend at the grocery store. And then you add that onto the money that you spin when you eat out or have lunches or whatever some big bunch of 15100 a month sometime that's why we're all getting fat because of it keeps him but it's a I try to reverse dropping even though I thought about that I thought let's cut that food budget down for sure and then instead of going out let's go for a walk. Now. Some. Let's talk about some of the other thing which cheering. I wanna throw real solid. You know there's been a lot of talk about some reverse mortgages. When you downsizing. And come in our America every tree and a true part category. Number more and if you still have a house full of all maintenance and all we expense. But let's say it's paid off for him. You laugh for a reverse mortgage because Asia needs the money health care retirement. Is certainly doing there's been rendered may be the sellout house keeps have equity in Russian apartment. And don't they have senior army chief Karen true. Where all your maintenance is taking care for me it's much easier to take care of there's no loan amount of property and you have all night equity that you use and retirement. Serious and a lot of them have activities. Which is the wrong here alone that's that's the real Plath were fired. If you you know the only way I can actually really she used saying a reverse mortgage. Is if you have a substantial amount format according not that much insane things. And I should say your downsizing. Well the senate paying cash for the house Richard downsizing through the nose in that you know the more you probably gonna end up dying and well maybe you can use a reverse mortgage for that. He passed that equity for your living expenses. Could have found in reverse the other half that's for people who do. I'm home. Hey Sarah good percentage to work off of 50%. 50%. This the fifth if if you have 50% equity in your home. All while. If you have to 2% equity in your home you can do or reverse mortgage book that just takes there the 50% that you all want. I'm trying in my luscious saying you have a house salesforce for half a million bucks on your border forty years ago. You fixed it up he made improvements. Really a martyr for 85000. Dollars worth half a million. Well you don't have any capital gains tax if you're very two or 50000 dollar exemption each. Any have a half a million bucks. Plus four X our home in a retirement community likes similar to when you moved in troop. Say that home schooling for half a million. Well as senator taking a whole half a million. Take 250000. Putter down reverse mortgage the other 250. And keep the other 215. Savings. So you can live long throughout retirement. Hi fi. That you can pass. Not come up we'll a couple of good ones every once in awhile. Well you know I think that's a great idea for a lot of eye and I've met a lot of the people that eleven my neighborhood and they create a community there where people are friends and they take care of each other and I think that's why it's really hard for a lot of people to leave. Their homes is because they feel safe with the people around them yeah. They do being. Right but. You know the way the world is now isn't it better chaired kind of be relegated community near where they have some security now that's true. In and not have to worry about the artwork in the now that's your thing right horror you know we're twelfth coming and then you know those criminals like to pick I'm older people. Except took her pack from Latin. Anyways. I think I. He's not getting a lot of couples. A lot of their equity in your hand that's further wealth is when stored out. Then when we talk about downsizing. Being useful assuage or convert their wealth and I just talked about. Actual liquid financial senate typically used for other retirement expenses. Now after all the children are grown they've moved out of the house hopefully. May have been necessary to keep someone's space she got a clean that you got to maintain that. And you know we talked about this the first part of the show but it's shortened through. Your belongings. And giving Ritter thing this year that are no longer needed I know that sounds. Clinical. Third mine and I know there's emotion into it. By you can't keep everything. And and folks you know we came into this world one way. And I can assure you we re at the same way affect the. Right I I think Al percent. And I found myself to going downstairs in this. What you and Rick we're talking about actually pretty names telling my kids if you want this picture name on it can take it now are you can take it later. You know what I found in my basement you overdid it. My old combat jungle boo boos from being at how come from the really big cap though moves. I didn't even know I had only so woody Q do with them. I just looked down from a hot hot hot hot. And and you know I I found like my old uniform are gun discharged and and I I couldn't even give him a Jack and I got dish cringed a little. So when you look at the answer and I found the box that the difference. I've found a box of free tracks. I let me try I usually keep those. Now we are well worth anything I mean are you. I got to know we knew we moved into. Will we know like a 3000 square foot branch. That fits us like a glove. And were now moving out very rare for no warning I mean that's some players we're gonna burger. Probably you know drop dead end but. I still have juncture there that takes up 80% in the basement. And I think it's time. Our hero of the year remembered maybe I can certainly relate might just might while more in Vietnam. Combat jungle boots for our. You know what Dennis stink about this like right now. People Walt World War II uniforms and things like that so pretty soon they're gonna want the Vietnam. And. Literally hoping for what he's ready to hit you share I'm pretty sure. So how. We're gonna take a brief break my name is known as fair this is CO for retirement planning show. Sort of share a thing or are each tax of then illness or call 83033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning show with Dennis Ferrer. Have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. And now here's your host Dennis breath. Okay. And we're back. In his tennis parent this is still true retirement plan and show I'm here with the famous man Wallace hi there. Go to fair tax from our issue group for retirement planning to our com or call us or threes are 3306. Or ones so far. It started about how to get rid of Urals stuff on down. The round number Warren. While we let the children decide what family treasures they want to inherit. It around I mean and go through and I think it's it's a good time have a commerce solution with the kids. And my quirks and then hearing earlier national. Let them know the value of their so let them decide who if they want them or not. I mean you've got to communicate with the kids. You know. Are you I shall have the side cheap pocket. Am my mother gave me in now who is like it was like a family heirloom that her mother my grandmother had. And you know it's it's it's kind of a piece of China. Well when I look at this all chipped in rats and Randy. And I know nobody is gonna wanna. Then I held on tour because my mother gave it to me. Yes the girls that they wanted to be out there don't wanna they don't want see that's Taft. So you know I mean. And I think I remember a time my mother Mary gave it to me and powers like my family. Badger Bonner cruiser came from my grandmother. Turns cold launching this rare the old she comes out he teapot. But I anyways those kind of charmer thing. Well. So. When you look at it you can argue got a short through things you gotta look at things and decide. And I get. We're very sure I get rid of her what's the emotional impact of the his wanna. Or not only chance for her rear with a little while other family members. Maybe you can unloaded on us are sure broke her right aren't ethernet feel. Who felt. So. Major priorities. You know prioritize. I wanted to try dribble out the things. And shooter before selling your own home and retirement. Take a long view and the average retiree will strand twenty plus years from retirement. Chances are your housing needs through change more than once along the one thing. And don't worry about what your old torture and we need to when you turn out anything tomorrow. Well you your spouse will need now what you can afford now. Hero hanging. Back and that's another thing. Dreamed it can't be always dreamed of living in a vibrant city or maybe. And in Asia this college town. In country cub club living if you can afford it. Or an island paradise. You know put together checklist so there must have slashed to have some definitely don't wants. The NC would doubt if downsizing as right. You know we're used to make me spectrum. When they there was retirement company issues surround those commercials from all forming a vineyard. Our retirement. It's too much to work for a heck Corazon some vineyard you and I were then dude its during can get Solso every day. Early only want going to be drinking water is going to be cautioned money and that's hard work. Very clear employing people. They're just trying to get your feet you're perfect the strains are do you feed for shopping on the group's. Take a test strive once you have an end your word you want your new home. Watch means. And tried out for size rental house or apartment and similar style. And location to what your version your future. Would be then you can do that through these like vacation site it's likely that there are being be. Now I do refer weaker true answer this or feel free experiment to see what the possibilities. Are. I have heard about people actually Rainey in there home out for a week or two weeks and going to Europe and doing a swap. Out I think that would be a black. I have my thinks ultra low finally you're living your play you know. I could probably live on every cardinals. There you go there you go. Worker retirement. If working a part time job or retirement. Make sure you live close to work for your home that your gonna get. An afternoon entrepreneurs part of your plan worth military leaders are. Or three times more likely than pre retirees should be pro entrepreneur or to show. A lot of retirees become self employed and robbery itself from foreign most my life. You might warrant a functional working officer in your home so if you downsizing. My sister's room for an office. Here's a bit when we've talked about this thing before and a family times. And that the stats tell a story many adult children boomerang back home at some point. Well I told my children there's no way they can come back home. That's certainly can't come home. Maybe we'll rent from an apartment that they can't come home. Other Christian illusions serve approximately true you're. Here grandchildren's. Children. Your friends think about the family connections over the next actually. And factor that into the analysis of your home means so in the future. Believe what you can set about them coming back home that's another really good reason to downsize that not having earned four you don't have any reform. Sorry lesson that comes some point in time. Where you know you can't do everything for your children are told you that and I know where hurts. But children can make you go broke. And I got to tell you something kind time when I would have had a mean little home run call the league can't come home. Then once they know they can't come home maybe you will try a little bit harder life. So they don't need to come home so I think that's very true. It now then let's talk about. The secrets of us happier downsizing. Firm. And for couples don't sign his name. Let's talk about implementing a move for cross country. If you are very coach to a warmer climate I I can assure you you need to do this. You need to go and rent an apartment. Live in that area first few months before you make any commitment at all to see if you'll like it. You know if you moved through area you don't know where your money. Isolation can be very devastating thing sir you're gonna have to sheik Al friendship golf community centers so adults honors. By now worrisome volunteer we're eating and active in their community this. If you like. You know I ran into some people recently who sold everything they owned and bought a huge motor home. And decided they wanted to travel the whole United States they got into it's six months and they were about ready to kill each other. Living in small quarters like that. Fighting about the driving at each one of them we all understand that and what you said is a great point they should have just two rented one close down the house for a couple of months and taken a test drive tomorrow. Okay go to see if you can do it because you know are these. Are lifeboats. Yeah happy is that you're happy Easter is when your bias. This second happy Tuesday is when you sell them at. The why do you think there's so many useful is for sale and now they have nowhere to go oh. Now they are or whoever me mole mile home they've got to start all over again figuring out. What's the best play if and you know one bad thing about you may zug put him on tour yes. And you know the cost of how things going up so much these days. It doesn't make sense to sell one house to buy another house for the same price and Ellen doesn't less sure gonna reverse mortgage battled right UT I according. Let's talk about them for few Michelle wearing yes that's not a bad thing because if they come on the protests surprised recruit from retirement planning. We can help more than investment money what can you do to help someone who's decided to take money from my reverse market well first of all the short run. Have their expenses even though you more aware you won't have a pain in the new house. And you put half your record DNA you shall have the other half. And with Paramount three you're gonna have to decide what your expenses are gonna be with you knew drinks. Again which you brought up before down. And then there is an experienced retirement where true I want everybody know that because I personally trained for. And finality experiences are gonna be. Then at that point and will find the right investment for you. We have to figure out how much liquidity means whether you can afford to have an urn a well managed platform but commonwealth fringe platform. Even though they're trying to limit the downside you shall love your principal analyst. If you don't have enough planning for a worst well look I mean B. Uncapped fixed index and noting that issue. A lifetime of income and you control or your money. Or something else that depends somewhat your situation would be. We can help you with that there's so many variables. We know ever know what product wherever then I'll recommend to our to a client. Virtual car pull until we get all the facts that you know the. I do and you know it's funny I've known you for ten years now on when we. First started talking about retirement plan mean we were trying to get people to their wet late seventies. The early eighties where Mallory got them turned IEC yes and people are lucky man I mean I for one have a good chance of living in and to my 89 niece and I don't know if I have enough money to do that you you know how to do that though you know how to take someone saying come and their assets. And plan out. How long on the longevity and make sure they have and is not only. Planning now the money in the last. We have to compensate for future inflation. Higher interest rates. New Year's. Health care in the future how much your village official money we need for America's health care is becoming a major expense. Even from manicure the average couples across the spending over 650 dollars month. So there's a lot of factors are going to. Bomb won't take another brief break my name is Dennis fair this is CO through retirement planning Sharon. Go to ferret FA RR a H tax of our cars are three sure 3306. Or one until five. We're looking at the chart while other things should consider before moving to a smaller home. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning show with Dennis Ferrer. Have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. And now here's your host Dennis where. Okay. And move back. My name is there asparagus is CO term retirement planning Cho part of her. FA RR TH tax advisory group and retirement planning dot com. The cause shoot threes or 33 usual six or one answer all five. Thank them known did you wanna mention something to you were just talking to me you love something you want to listening on the radio. About working in return working in retirement working men retirements. What do you what are your thoughts on that first of all how it for those people that don't know out there. Wind can you. Collect your Social Security. And make as much many she want and not be penalized. Well let's talk about the Social Security spoke first. Before anybody goes on Social Security hi Heidi. Implore you. Comma and permanent chart Taurus. We would do or math and Social Security americanization report. That report we'll tell you the optimal time that you should take it we'll have inflation Beltran. We're sure you Wear your income gaps are and years so you need to have home field. And held so sure sure your money without going also. Because we always issues of our four buckets of money. Now between the ages of 62 and 66. Except for one exceptional talk about that in a second. You're allowed to make 171000. And W two income. Now the year you're turning 66 and then the year that you 65. Let's just say you're 65 in January. You're turning 66 in June. Between January. And June you're allowed 45000. W two income. Once you hit 66. Then there's no limit. On the amount of income what you can and I guess. Okay and am and that's where he works and actually 66. If you don't change your Social Security between each 66 in ceremony. In goes up 8% a year not a bad return that's a good return on your investments so why wouldn't. Why would he do that while her companions along Germany. What do you mean the money now. Or maybe it's something you can take. Many can't put it away and user for their future. And I can usually you're wearing shall send me you've got to sixteen you're. I can't champ which means you have to really sexually do you segment before your break even. While I'm home maker fell while so there's a lot of there's a lot of factors involved in that. Comments serious well how pure fact I have one more question I recently read in the last two or three days that trop. Is increase seen. The percentage. On yourself on our Social Security we're actually gonna get a raise is that right. I ever heard I don't know how does all I've heard I heard those three got to raise a point hole 31%. They gave that to our Social Security recipients. Lives are not having her grip burner wore green eyes the only thing is you know Social Security. Is really in trouble people. I mean are you have to look at the demographics. Of the baby boomers suddenly eight million of us we haven't even started peeking out. The peak is gonna come the next couple years. In the you have to understand something the government now is staying. After the year 2032. Or two to 2033. The maximum that they can guarantee on your return on your Social Security. There's only 71 cents on the dollar. So where air force Social Security tsunami because I'll tell you why Debra. 75%. Of retired Americans live on Social Security alone. They're staring Cummings how Mario third do you imagine the economic and devastating effect it's gonna have on them and everybody else. That would hurt the economy through those I when you spend now they wouldn't. So this is why. You know the governments are gonna do for your people you are taking a brownie you're sending you gotta do for yourselves. Or to that answer your question that dead. And along when did I answer nobody it's something a lot of people just don't know how they don't so again if they can actually come TU and lower your Social Security amount. If you are all gone. The white guy if you're if you're getting social security and you've got it for ten years can actually coming in lower now. If they can only guarantee you suddenly when cents on the dollar your little that are saying. We know alone no longer have a fun supply you your current amount. If you're getting silly 2000 a month earlier sharpening your 14100 a month. I. Well let's all cutting. And now we got me off the a little talk about me it's scary isn't it all right. The gunmen now is doing means testing time Medicare. And if you're grocery comes over 85000. If you're sharing all 170000. Of your marriage. You're gonna pay almost twice as far three Medicare part B premium. And germanic Kerry. Not only that if you make enough there are actually lowering your Social Security a little bit too. Who scrawled in income mare affair for accretion adjustment. I color and rip off. So. That's why me. When you're coming Norris and you know again thank you it's back to my basic premise when a starter this coming company. Yeah taxes and investments go hand in hand because people you have to have control of your income. If you don't think can have a devastating effect on your Medicare. Premiums the amount of Social Security guests. And higher taxes. How searcher ripple effect that's why are we trying to. Give people move they're traditional IRAs and other qualified accounts into Roth. Because of a sudden you have to you have to start taking required minimum distributions. On all shows up when your taxable income. And conventionally enough I think this is what's gonna happen when Medicare. I think they're gonna start sending out vouchers depending on how much money you make. And if you make a lot of money and retirement. Your voucher might behalf of swear somebody else might get rich greens that's got to come out of your pocket. Some people think there's things coming down the pint thank you have to be aware of and there's some storms brewing arm horizon. And you have to be prepared for these storms. And Yunel. For those of you who are just now listening years ago. It used to be called fair tax advisory group is now called fairer tax advisory group and retirement planning and the retirement planning. Is what they real I mean they are specialists at this this is what they do their best I don't think there's any place else that you can go. In the city and get someone to look at your retirement plan and give you better advice. And you know down low we celebrated our thirty prefer birthday march the tenth. Well happy birthday Barack while her armor to refine the company's us. And Charlie weird though we'll get a we know you're an hour 35. Who is I don't even think you're twinkle in new bands are. Anyway as a shark while some tips through downsizing before you can sort of moving. Number one. Chad Campbell yourself about what really matters at this stage of your life is it wellness. Creativity. Living closer to family. There's a spiritual and intellectual. Stimulation. Or find words can you really live man and reduce financial prior issues. Think about that. Are you waiting to reduce smarmy feel appears more than your fruit because you won't make new friends. I mean I'm bringing this soft people. Because these are things that you really need to think about. Are you ready for the change terrible interviewer healthier lifestyle. More of them work. What it takes to grieve. I mean if you shouldn't airpower earning rather than doing something about it there's something wrong. The now shortened donate shaved clean. Before you have you goodbye party. You're I'm. No I have a good part ignore our singular goodbye party. A sling while a funeral was ordered by opponent getting as you're never gonna retire. Borrow a sponsoring never. You are a little bug let let's let me just for your service other thought the we'll talk about. Are you feeling stuck with the your life for are you ready to take. The thrust a leap into the future. Take a bite out of the apple go into the unknown. Trash herself meaning hand on the results without hurting herself for others. And you know let's face it sari children. You won't get how she grew up there and Matt that you really want or even saying I'm Surrey united them. Oh when you were talking I'm kind of going backwards here when you were talking about. I'm purge you before you move I was thinking about all the money you're gonna save and movie costs. If you do get rid of that. And we work we're doing what I yeah. You know I'm you're kidding me a lot to think about today out idea now when our final month old Vietnam marine jungle boots. I also following a pair of bell bottoms look for a fact but I look at that. Allow me I'm that is to me like you need to get in there and start doing and some of your own house I think I drew popped up a. Because I think him marcher was slow mind from my Disco days my. Powder blue leisure suit who slept. Well so here's what you do you get a nice bottle of wine you go downstairs and you take a walk down memory lane. There and then you start will opt pile of keep an a pile of discard them down procurement and just cry in your line. That's a. You know. Are you eager to ring your financial numbers. And so weathermen expert on the approach actually leisure group retirement planning and people will help you with us. It's it's not rocket scientist what he got a taste the food stamp. You know just like taking control of your finances your taxes your income. Your state planning. Now it's time to take control of your life. Now you've got to be open I know it sounds obvious. Prom but kind of weak and hadn't Tucson the area should have a branding tool while like the city. Down downtown Denver and I was really drop vibrant. There's a lot of things happening there. There is okay and good astros' old crusty rushed bones and good Jew little exercises. Take a walk. So. Income by now just exploring different things sort of farmers' markets. Take a drive into the country. Enjoy this beautiful weather and you know if you if you love the theater. I mean it's the very expensive now to go to the theater. So you have to budget for something like that you don't just turn around and say we're gonna go get some tickets to the play that's. Hundreds of dollars to go see one play rates so all of this has to be worked and if that's what makes you happy then planned for try. All solve com. People you you know we have a wine country here in Colorado. If you go to palisades. But they have peaked just to. They have more peaches to peaches peaches and wind right right peach why that's tough. I thought that the political. But yeah I go to palisades palisades speeches or the doesn't moral. But you know we amber wine country would turn them references right here in Colorado. Spend your money here we need the year. Com heroes and Rafa but it's not release. We had beautiful Hot Springs here at the chicken goes to parliament here I mean why do you think people wanna move peer. You know Colorado is a jewel the jewel of the west yes it is yes it is. So are another thing. Around. Take steps. Turnout dear old and pitchers self. Broker. Get rid of all the unnecessary. Expenses so you're really don't need. Renowned cultural there's something about the things you can really live well that you don't need. That's for that budget comes in again was a 350 channel junior under eighteen be. Who watch this 350. Channels. Right or your phone system I mean if you're not working. There are some really good companies out there that can you can get that there would be your phone providers that are a lot less money. Yeah cellphones I mean prices have come down competition. Just like you shop for car insurance sharp Ferraro for cellphone coverage. And if you still have a hard nine well. Some people just won't let go of by. How many people are hard line I do percent. I do can you believe that's all I know you drew. I know it's crazy but I do and I know a lot of people that just. You're right they have a hard time letting go of it because so many people know how to reach from there. But you also get the phone calls you don't want them. And you know my wife told me one thing I'm Lauren Manning more than just like crap what you moved quite a bit so. Look at quarterback. We miss seeing there we made a downsizing mistake. And this is why I'm kind of bringing us up. The now I have this big house pension and knowing tuna half acres. There was scaring their real life you know. Yeah green acres your own farm living is a Trace from rain farm wiring wasn't the place for me. So we downsized into a town home now is a pretty good town home. Like I have a small patio no backyard. And players. There while we have stairs downstairs to the finish more a part of of almost a little deeper Sam was upstairs. When I had we have these Snoop Dogg. Homeowners association of people. And a few part two way insurers are superb these guys somewhere under Obama. Even some I wanted to learn or mile. We want our vacation for ten days in France so foreign to India Warner chairman flowers and the guy. We got a letter on that I was a formal channel my goodness of our people are hurt hurt anybody in my initial move. Why we made that mistake it wasn't the right place to put my were in the right place. So no one wants to move again and I can tell you that now. So he's got to make sure this is going to be the right move or at the right time. My name is Dennis turn this is still through retirement planning Cheryl. Go to ferret tax advisory group dot com or call us at three Cheryl 3306. Irwin Chara Favre. I wanna say god bless everybody out there. God bless the United States of America. I'm cholesterol are armed service people are protect us into my wife sue our love you baby won't charge you next week and thank you for having me I really enjoy that. I'm thank you for doing the establishment. Sharing your voice again the voice of reason I'll be back. But I by.