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Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning show with Dennis theft. Have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. Crew and now here's your host Dennis fair. They're gorgeous morning. Our science. Yeah now what shall miss a happy birthday America. The fourth to July. She murdered and more at 47 years older mare. The right half how or 241. Year old Marie. We are at least that led to forty. I wanted to get Ortiz wants to. I'm not a lot on the agenda today. And I want to chat about their friend and inflation first. Want people to kind of get a feel of what's going on there the economy mark you're facing. In the future. What ultimately long story short you know the inflation rates. And coming in or flee at a mile one point 4%. Which is almost nothing. Senate passed for the third consecutive month. And is actually lower than the inflation or airborne chlorine sovereign. Why share. Now. The economy is kind of let me America shares kind of chugging along. So what's happening is such that is losing any authority and happiness. To raise future interest rates. Because your state who went lower flight sharing their scrimmage and even lower. And with the economy kind of being a little stagnant right now. But I can make things worse. So you've got to look at your own the aftereffects of this. There is one they're trying to raise a frustration little reason. Less because when we get into another recession which were well prayer she wouldn't. Then it's memo to lower their rates again to get things stimulative. But I'll make am relieved that. She won't come thumb thinking normally now burn next recession. Which I feel is gonna churn around November. And I don't have a crystal ball issue something's happening and I can read. As everybody knows I'm usually right now any fire percent of the time. She's still wearing business. None. So what guests and and people need to start looking at their portfolios some. They need to start readjusting. May need to start making inch. Are shorter recession proof where you don't take those great hints. When the market's huge drop. Because everybody's happy when the market's going out. Army buddies are here are its high five times I mean we go transfers bringing cookies until the interaction when an opponent that you have to delicious and Arab militias and America we're trying to get that from a market stars scoring down and hit a solid. What tests answer some storms on the horizon. And people need to leave where he careful. Now I went to re turning it over a true are gone assume and well. And when I give Barack current stock target amount of five steps to her retirement plan who wants to go first mile night. And let me piggyback on the way you introduced in the you know and headlines today in a Wall Street Journal this is a global stocks capped strong first half. After a solid run for equities in the US and abroad investors ask will gain slash self. I think he made up some grief came up with some great points in some steps that investors need to. Consider. And just says tying into more closely with some stats. Now for the first six months of 2017. Now the Dow year to date is up 8%. And the one year changes in 19% so that sounds great. The NASDAQ here today it is up 14% elsewhere regarding commander group. And only mere change is 27%. And the S&P 500. Year to date is up also a percent that when your changes 15%. And so I mean apparently there are some terrible economic conditions unemployment is at all time lows. I think they just revised GDP. For the first quarter and that was better than I expected but you're right. Investors need to still take a look at their portfolios. And just to to be sure that their position like right when that recession happens or when that. And a market starts to slide a little bit. Lonely you know because side when doing this for many many years eaten. Then I'm looking at all the figures are looking at the figures are the market. The unemployment brain. And people can argue process but it looks like the latter part of her team are mean nine beaten. Only tell you folks a story. I was this mutual foreign. Symposium we only use him too many mutual funds anymore preserve our of our data due to bulky and expensive. Let them rest and blah. That was in Los Angeles. Yeah. That and the amount they had a wildfire courage of your mutual foreign. Families children are towering home grief fear Karmi was. How Lou how things are in the new paradigm. So we went out to lunch you know we're shutting down. Waitress came over Ers started taking our order. If she surgery or what do you do and I told her knowing Andrew Jackson is our restaurants. She. At that point stock. And proceeded to give me the hottest acts chair at the hottest stock chair I've ever more excerpts you're here. Now I'm sitting there thinking. A waitress just gave me for stock finished death death death death. You know I Larry I when I got home to their births are latter part of our marriage you know I mean nine. Our caller for every one or more cars were some parliamentary cash. In. But anytime you start giving this over exuberance. Anytime things start heating on. Them then when you don't have the underlying fundamentals. Because the Vicks is still old you know people still aren't sure marvelous economy even. And then you when you Charlie and the demographics. The eight gene may we boomers and baby boomers retiring. Not mind homes not buying cars not buying clothes not buying furniture not paying for education it's. Taking money out of the market. And you don't have been spending ability just jammed from inaction are rationed. You're gonna start thinking about things should not serve positioning yourself. I'm not saying it will happen. But if you're in does she got to be able to protect yourself. And Astoria need solid. Portfolio management. And mass storage or turn turns a larger group her retirement planning. Exactly right. It's okay don't buy and hold but it's never OK to buy and forget. So it's important that we. We we come back in again we we manage our our portfolios and and you as the consumers the independent you need to. Take the responsibility yourself as well and and make sure that you have all the important information needed. You're known as gay. Buy and hold is that is so now in day their philosophy. The manager you want it's an outdated philosophy. And it doesn't matter ward age you are. Real wealth is made by not losing you your money on the downside correct. Everybody makes an army have signed. What is the amount that you Luzon and did Dallas sign that you hold onto that creates where wealth and your future. And where is worth the new wells transcript portfolios. With the algorithms that we now have that's right I mean it's so much more advanced. And the human are there products are proud of their pensions. And people don't let the war and annuities scary you. There's been so much hullabaloo about annuities. While most of us so much of bunk. There's so much a month because they can't charge in the fees. Why do you knew these are we so our main chewing the fairly liquid. They give you most on the market now signed. Eliminating the downside Narnia prince Simone and it gives you income from the rest of your life. What's wrong with that frank. Why not take advantage of the upside while protecting the downside only not saying are you money should be in annuities and most precious one tool when were no name. A re part time ever plan to help you get to the finish line. Because people I know kind of hanging this I was gonna turn over well cars and is still well hack at. But people when you retire. While most people care about is the amount of income may again. And mortar Q sir for the information is sideline and I try. It's much progress continue on what should keep going and I'm just. Entire right into it he says so let's assume that from January wanna this year through June 30. You take a look at your portfolio which you recommend that people do and you see that you have some appreciation there. So you should start asking yourself a couple of questions right so how can I captured that appreciation. I mean because so let's assume that the markets do start to slide. Later on this year or whenever it happens could be after the fourth but whenever it happens it happens you have to ask yourself. Is that is your principal and what you GS that or they'll lice or assault. In girl the past six months is that protect. So you need to look at your profile is to say hey you know my gonna lose Miami and hang onto these gains or and I heard on media then. And football here I've heard other advisors tell harms. All you just lost the game. Well what do you when the market for. What do you know portfolios for why do you have for full professional. Portfolio management. Isn't there to make sure you keep growing and hold on to more chilling out yet. Let's remember the worst for me I don't know march you're. And you know at that talking about you know being. Prepared Canon downward market so you he should ask are you should figure out if your portfolio how would it performed. Any downward or declining market you know CU beat in the game which yesterday she just have to look at what you have. And you have to make some assumptions that the market goes down you know how much in my at the risk for losing. You know there are people sometimes you your honor rarely. Think about things are put on your thinking caps. You really believe the market this constantly gonna go while they're reaction to weaken more thing here. Because if you do are gonna some swampland in Florida wanna solid. He just doesn't happen that way. Corrections Sorin normal part of the markets during normal part of cycles. And when we've been going I plan now from their open has been artificially raised by what the Fed has done. It's gonna go down and down and down when it goes down it's going to hurt. Their future depending on X amount of dollars per month or supplementary income. And those dollars aren't fair what do you do. He dig deeper and deeper and cheer prince tomorrow. That's why without proper portfolio management. 50% of people outreach terror broke after ten years and suddenly 5% or broke after fifteen years and are you so where where have you gone on the agenda. We'll saying that we're. In the summer months now need may have some more action times and our hands and possibly thinking about. In getting into that garage and cleaning the garage and doors starting some some yard work. But why not take the time to just sit down and and get your retirement plan and and in order. I'm first of all create a retirement file at home. Gather all your 401K information all your IRA information security your brokerage accounts. Make sure you have all of that being at home readily available for you and and not just sitting there collecting dust. Actually evaluating and make sure that the benefits that you're getting from these retirement plans are currently not even just the benefits but the underlying investments. Themselves. That she does a good porn. Because how many times have clients come and I'm a weekly basis towards. Then tell us what we were looking forward. This far in this final in this thing gonna last payment and we don't know warrantless all right Brent or you know what you have limited. Well we don't look at it in memoir that's right people you need to know where your money is where does Collison dressed and how it's and especially when we have these deep deep fissures. In the economy mind you tune in to get things in order or you know announcement saying we see a 43 B here. Forewarned K a year. In my area over here TS PSP. Equipment now what happens when I have to start taking their minimum required distribution discussed. What's your telephone track homework they have to do. When is spread out like crack at him and ensure you have to give the government it's cat. It's like I say after do they have multiple multiple distribution SO far eat tacos Al one from each foreign object Elvis ultrasound and then an IRA they only after candidate in Jim Warren Valentine that's correct pin and one half was just they die. Our president and countered those other things that are inherited through one of the kids. More than likely not hit. Little failure of the money goes storm but. Older being extra taxes that's right they can't take it as an inherited I know analysis and an irony more for gross in this file so. You know a lot of people listen clues show for a lot of years. Now I'm talking to you all charmer siren listen for a while. Are you going on a France and human thinking among doing something. Well you just don't want a future for them out Warner here norm and to preach whole the pool. Won't we're gonna make you give your whole waste and you call Russian comments she just 3033060. Warns Cheryl Favre. You were gonna help you when your portfolios. Were gonna ask any estate questions you have in the trash from where all. We're gonna go over any tax situation that you may have beat taxes. Some things you're doing right some things you don't. Don't forget to turn to maximize your group drew retirement planning. Where one room a few firms. And the man he your investments from your taxes. And then get in these days when they're doing means assessing now on Medicare. And she didn't come Social Security. He wanna have controller Manning come. Definitely marijuana grow learn and move religion and Mickelson. Us on our wall. Crowd and take a brief look anything my name is Dennis Ferrer loses the return cultural retirement planning show. Go to parent tax advisory group and retirement planning. Dot com or call us and 3033060. Warnings terrified. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the ultimate retirement planning show whit Dennis Vera. Have questions about retirement did all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303306010. Bunt. Now back to the show would your host's deadly threat and work out. And you'll want to play that song Holmes being. From Florida gorgeous day. And or there's little haze out there by flyers. For me to talk them. There and we're getting you can't smoke Hubert do something about America so I don't know I guess that after this easy harassing you tough. Maybe had better not do anything. Already reeling just keep coming Utah. We don't get me URE child maybe they're trying to smoke him out to Colorado area and and good luck. For all right well moral let you continue one million have a lot on the origin or we'll just to get back to that retirement file that. We would like you guys to create at home. You know 'cause whenever you come into it to meet with us or any investment advisor it's important to have the the information readily available. It just allows us to really get to know you your situation and and be able to to really. Create any responsible. Retirement plan for me. So again you know gather your 401 k's your diaries UT SPs whatever tiring account statements that you do have get them in that folder. As well as I get any end information of your Medicare Medigap or any long term care policies also have those in that folder is well. And because we feel you can't have your retirement plan without a tax plan. Have that tax statement and that folder as well. You know it's very important. So to gather all the information and and be ready to it to sit down somebody so that you can provide. That individual all the information needed so they can make the best recommendation for you. While you're a year true wanna come in with your taxes. Our chances are going to be different this year because we retired her remarks I armor and those that the other. Well that's perfect 'cause we continue flashed your. And create Angela choose she exactly what is going to be this year actually that it might be an opportunity to move some money from a taxable wiry and tore off exactly right that's why real reason is the tax return to polish now for our benefit useful or you are manifold right. You know and and what else. Had wills trusts powers of attorney skip those in that file as well. You know it's it's very important. Armed now we are a lot of hours or trust rose Darwin guy. Anglers and meanwhile we herald for Russia will turn twenty years ago. Album anyway yeah what changed in twenty years. At home all all the trustees should acknowledge her as sent me out have you have grandchildren. That weren't there twenty years ago those laws have changed and some even say. I'm gonna change my beneficiaries. Because there's some family matter that's right now I mean. I just so like a retriever Fisher your room on time area yet. But the the the list of Tony beneficiaries. Yeah well as part of creating that retirement file for free US home. Go to SSA dot gov. We're only receiving Social Security statements every five years now. That is not. An appropriate amount of time to to stay on top of your your work history. Create that account SSA dot gov make sure you should keep that that password because it can be a difficult trying to get it. Included questions. That you amassed some more than twice. They lock key wild and gas warrant that. You have to load out of the social trip security our first men can be a very cultural experience yeah. Does that it is. And as we all should take a lot of time though so. If I didn't best suggestion is if you do like yourself out here and able to get banking call him and sudden appointment with the local Social Security Administration. But please get get those statements print them off to make sure that you have. Verify your work history. It's very important in any matters to your benefit the monthly amount that you have been received for the rest of your life depends on you making sure that. Do you word. Verifying your work history. So that's the second part of having that in any retirement file. And then the third is. Calculate them out pitcher didn't need to retire. You know understand what you're current living cost of living is and use that as a foundation to then go forward. In retirement it it's it's all about asset preservation and income. So we are there areas that you can cut back on. These are doing the things that we we must know because if you are just spending money forever loosely without knowing what it's for her. We're having any real use for that spin expenditure then. Why not cut it back in and put that towards your income your living expenses and really reevaluate and evaluate. What your spending monthly price. So that's. That's one of the of the major things that we feel that you should take advantage of throughout the summer time. Use the free time that that you have now hopefully. And instead. Spending that that time in the garage sit down and get that retirement plan that at least created yen carry come in and see us. We can validate can tell you where you're doing well but then there's going to be areas that we we gonna point out that you can improve and can carry. Especially as you saying sir with the the possibility of seeing her recession this coming fall. Are you protected are you hedged. What's gonna happen to you if another 2008 happens. What I I know many people that we're planning to retire and all of sudden because of that 2000 and a recession that retirement date got put off. Yep and according Cherie you're investment strategy. Art are you aggressive. Are you moderately conservative. Well what happens when you lose half of your portfolio a lot of people's investment strategies change. And and how much longer is it gonna take to get back to even. And it's it's very important to to take you a look at at your portfolio on an annual they. Some snaps Elaine and and oil as as we CN occasioned. The portfolios. Don't match out the client. Not so fast and sometimes you know they're approaching retirement right and they are wore a aggressive in their portfolio which means that they're risking exposure to losing it is how some principal and all of their gains is very hot area and then you can see the inverse so it's really important really to have a good handle on what your portfolio. Looks like. Think about what your for us tolerances. And talk things like that and and we always talk about taking the emotion out of the out of investing. You know this. If he he everyone wants to take advantage of the market appreciation and growth and of course added no one wants to loose and so there's got to be some trade off there right and so if you can take the emotion out of investing in what I mean by that that means that okay. In my willing to lose. 2% 1% prime 0% whatever that number is for you to. Hugo hitting you sick within that way he'd be you know you you kind of help mitigate the fear of loss there. When you take these really take the emotion out of investing you know you can this is like. You know if you give something away to someone and if you're not really counting on getting it back right it doesn't really matter. Or two no attachment to it all right that's fine again either it was a if that 12%. Then yeah then you're okay correct it. And then I would say that's more on my conservative base is there and and we. We've really tried to it to dig deep and figure out what it is that your your willing to to risk right is obviously with more risk comes more reward right but are you. Prepared to take that risky and and those of the questions that we're gonna ask you while we're going through. That file that I just told you to create a right Puno because we're gonna. Where before we even look at the statements are paperwork we're it's a discussion gets its I did so knowing you we're gonna sit down and really try to understand your situation and and get to know you as an individual. How did you feel in 2000 may eaten. Did that. Devastate you were were you OK with it because I've I've met with plenty of people rely on I was just fine because their portfolio was hedged correctly. Protected. It was built for them and wasn't just a cookie cutter portfolio mix it was it was customized for them so that. In 2009. They were already back to normal sort of way it really had estimated to be. Customized for you individually and as as. Consumer as that. Your unprofor portfolio right. Period. It on once you take a look at what cheer wrists tolerance is in the next question has to be asked is what do you have in mind. For the money right I mean when do you think you're gonna need them any right is it going to be for you to live off of in retirement do you want to leave it as a legacy or something like trying to go. I am most. Or in Canada is a tough to get out of the food candy oh man. We only have to turn a little bit early. But he's a shot the first. I look. And I love my parent I guess guess who's peaking in the window her career. Ali what it's not a given your. Gut up and. Now for when it comes search trees when your and we term iron in and around. My treats my Cadillac and it was Iowa. And summary view outreach true. But that doesn't mean that you go overboard. Now you're assuming minor roles for use. Forward knows meant only you know who he's more when those are her hair around 200000. I bought a Cadillac that we use. Actually turned twenty grand offering Madonna and I'm a good price from. But that's that's the things you have to be able to it to treat yourself and know where you want your money you go not and as long as it's realistic. Yeah okay we we always say that fit it very clearly. Don't come in with income. And while you're working a 5000 a month and say when I'm in retirement I want fifteen it's just not a realistic goal at that point in time unless you have. Assets to do so. But we we always have to two point now. The truth in the matter yet and if you're able to do so right you know Dennis you say it all the time. Set your retirement income while you're still working so Irsay what you need to live on while you're still working for retirement years and if you can't live on net income do not retire. Then just say you want more you were doing. Chip we can have come into retirement because puncher and retirement. A lot of times you won't be able to afford afford to get them. Because you well beyond somewhat of a fixed income god will have some inflation Beltran. But again you know this money must slash June morning in thirty years. You can't afford to be going out there are like. These guys are taught him bomb or use capital. That's. And I try to imagine the there was no word diet can eliminate it and but this is you stayed within your and your mom shade more than mine meetings and a solid bog staying within your means. And missile hit how long he's special treat shall only live once. And life Christians or too short. But if you're planning on retiring any got you on an a couple of things like dot volt. But you're gonna wind or something else. And I want you working wearing consumer foreigner. And then hold onto where it's so when did you retire he garner all the Torre's you need to enjoy your retirement that you want. My name is Dennis. This is the ultimate retirement planning show. Go to Ferrer FA RR PH to nationalize recruitment to retirement planning. Dot com or Collison 303306. Earl Warren's are fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the ultimate retirement planning show whit Dennis Vera. Have questions about retirement did all your financial questions answered right now by calling 3033060105. Now back to the show would be your hosts Dennis Blair. Welcome it delivers lose. Nobody's frozen lake but that's the that's right we thank you very doubts that. In or I try every time we're not hearing it is doesn't work there's just the opposite effect on sale for go to Africa the okay. Our I hate us you're on money you know let you must have peaked at my notes when you mentioned living below your means because I have some. Proven tips in the second honoring an elaborate on. I have some proven tips that will help people. Have more ammo latter years of their retirement than they have at the start of their retirement. I got three tips as a whole month to tips but there are three prudent hits. So let's say you you start to retire and you have 700000. Well it would be nice if you had. After ten or fifteen years later. Maybe have a million and a half in narrow way she can do that then it's proven noisy you can do that so the number one way is to. Live below your means it's so what does that mean when you live below your knees because I couldn't mean different things far more people were like her reps and the right. But that's what I think what you have to do is you have to figure out. What that means he used an individual like for example. So let's say EU. Set rate of 25%. Some only got me out of a 100%. I'm only gonna consume 75%. Might mean some gonna keep the other 25%. Or less say I've heard people that have said I'm gonna key I'm owning any use to third. My means and I'm the only key or save the other 13. You know Johnson a lot of people don't know what do you spend per month through Juneau Alaska piano and now and then just come across that daily -- them what to read your home where old. Slow so they can find no monthly budget she. It's. And so it's fun to pass that over the table. Good estimate I do this live live what you write it down it did surprise. Out of people who stand when you wore. What we end there when they come back here around there shark there worker's friend Ryan fired their senate okay for now let's go to program and now that's a good point I think CF looks mark. But how well when you live below your means see you certainly have to know what you're spending your money and and that's why the budget a worksheet that we give people we ass in the felon out. And it you know they think it's for us to make recommendations for them Kennedy says certain degree but it's more so for them. So that they can give it my game our exposure to what they're really spending their money on and then that's gonna help make some good decisions with respect to their portfolios. So you a live below your means he can set a target whatever that target is that your target to be 1%. It could be that the main thing is is she don't wanna live above your means and that's what's that's what's killing people right now. Is that who are in retirement is that they are living over their means so. If you wanna have more money. When things she have to do. Is learn a lesson from the great depression. And everyone who went through that for the most part learn to live well below their means. Picked the other things. That you don't wanna rely on any future who wage is to take care of any debt that you might get today. So for example if you wanna go around by then new Cadillac. Before you finances before you finance that thing the UN CB have enough cash in the bank to it to pay forward. If not. You may wanna keep seeming into you have enough money in the bank does Taylor has yet because here you saved of that money based on your current in earnings while you're earning. Bet money right now decision tossed about if you wanna get a nice toys. You don't get it while you're working right now. Take care of it so that you can have an in. Retirement that too many people are relying on future wages. To covered that there's there are incurring today and so that will help limit they can change there at thinking in that regard. That's gonna help them live below their means so they can position themselves. To have more many in the latter years or retirement from the so point number one's got to live below your means. Your guess what point number two is we do it every race creed every day all over IFF and this is may be where we spend need to spend most of our time talking. Seek professional. Advice that's right medicine number one that's a number two point then he should do if you wanna have more money. That at the on the latter years of your part to retirement and that the beginning in the retirement. So seek professional advice from hoop retirement plan cash right unearthed SE as. I'm up for us to consider us now now what know why do you want to seek. Advice from retirement crashed. More. Well if you have a plan will just mentioned it. We validated the concerns right or will they invalidated if you have a plan needle a lot of people coming in right may have but there I am a general idea of what their retirement incomes gonna look I can make. They have some of the bay execs covered but if you got it and independent. Third party. Taken a look at your assumptions. And your line of thinking. Then he could probably you will definitely get some. Some some critical. Some critical. Feedback and positive feedback as far as what needs to happen so that they could meet. You know there's no carrier wiring me coming soon all right 36 shares were three experience that's the numbers were put through a lot of rodeos yeah. I was so I'm not gonna say we've seen everything but we've seen in my mostly everything you need. Am now are all pro torture we know auto attack and we know how to solve it. That's what happens when you coming getting axed its professional help. But I'm not I'm not someone has spent around five Hershey shoes or whatever. Ace she these people. Now as some people have been aboard their retirement. This is why you agree more with the biggest reasons why you come to worse arrowhead grass. And analysts say you have no idea about planning. And many people really don't they really have no idea about how to even begin. To craft out of retirement plan well. Could help with that is oil right. So for that reason why they should seek professional advice. Felt. Koreans are sent us this guessing that's exactly right guess I mean it is for those that don't know where to start. Create that file right didn't statements together met the very least get everything in order and come in and see us right okay. He can give us call 3033060105. And we will get you started. At creating that retirement. Playing all right did. So third point why should come seek professional advice there retirement planner can help structure your savings or retirement resource this. To grow your principal right or to protect it just like we talked about earlier. From significant market declines. So we're gonna look for that balance between what you're those are nearest tolerance is at the same time so that we can help you. Preserve. And grow your assets so we're gonna look for some solutions oriented says to do that so that's the third reason why. You're gonna pass people or. And you know warrior always ask them. I'll say how do you feel about the markets even. The announcement tractor now wait for an answer right and we did three or four times survey answers. One that I think the market's gonna keep on going eaten. Number two I think the markets during a crash. Members three I don't know where the market's going when it really is peers from the GB's arm. Warren over forum I don't have a clue. She home let's say if the first one. I think the markers are a coupon I'm going. Well that could be true but I've never seen that happen ever. So you have to kind of breakdown murdering your ritual and slay elk and how much money can you afford to lose how much money do you need to take from hearing restaurants. That's gonna last you the next morning or thirty years. What happens just terrorists or correction. Will thwarted and a reminder. Now for some Obama's okay. If they have enough built and then powers social security and pensions. And they can only strengthen those and they don't have to take the money from their investments in May be in the future that's a totally different story. But for the ones I don't have mound I need to take your from the investments. This is different ballgame. You can't afford to take the chances are you took when you're in the twenties or thirties. And analysts say the other warning Iran while we think peer to rethink the market's gonna go to hell yeah. While again you can see that conservative is her. You have to have some exposure. It can be very conservative explorer sure what you can't keep your head in the sand keep it as CDs for your making nothing. Borrow money market account and hope for the vast. Dizzy when or where inflation is still going backward Sheen and then you get from one sudden they don't know I mean. They think it might go out they think it might go around. We knew how far swimmers now close to the people are truly warm for help. They wanna portfolio sure sure to meet their needs and then the third each of their assets. Their long in Germany. The future income needs. NG you know grass somewhere Algeria where people spend most of their retirement nest egg. The last I mean there's a retirement and guess what has spent on health care costs in health care and long term there are so you have to have a report for real. I gesture from that. So we have enough money to be taking care of near the end of your retirement years spread. This is how complicated retirement planning us. And for those so don't have a clue who. Pull in people who can be worn how her right and we got on the orders for its elderly or those real fast guy hit. Those youth who have that long term care and don't ever let it go. You have it now you keep it because we seed the the effects that it has to write how how. Devastating can be without it took him so the ones that do have that long term care don't learn to ever let anybody talk you out of it. Naturally and in some cases they may even among a look at a backup plan right now because some diversity right just in case exactly because a long term care coverage is. That's her seven or marketer of murdering them. Recall that the Alamo. But how. I what her right. All right here's that fourth reason why they should it seek professional advice and not all farms do this. But they're gonna look at trying to make your portfolio lat. Tax efficient and turn try and we're not try to get a did it actually forgive me did you. What they usually give murder count our card to them as service account or murmur. And how when McCall ram Brian thank the account knows anything about their portfolio. Right in their life. I'll go I recently had a situation where gentlemen good morning to two payoff is Morgan beaten and it's the people at his TS peace sit here you can take that from this missile is gonna cost you 20%. I said okay certain now what you're not considering is income you've already made him come on top of taking out from your TSP to pay off your mortgage you're. Your tax brackets can and GHT. Chump extremely. Proud and Tibetan that your situation and they're not. Teaching knew that there that did people at the GSP great people not saying anything bad about them but they are just telling you what they are required to withhold for you know they're not taking into consideration. The rest of the income coming into the home. That's where we come into play taps by Biden do in your taxes and it. Can creating your your retirement plan we can really model and show you what it's gonna do defect it's gonna have on you right it's important to know. Both sides of that coin. And if you can minimize. Your taxes. Your principal has a larger right that's right your principal is larger we all know what happens with the impact of compound in. Is gonna grow. So you can control your taxes if you can make your portfolio taxi fish can't we gonna have more money available. For you they can girl in so that's is something that our firm definitely does we take your taxes into consideration. And that's a fourth reason why they succumb CS I got one more reason for ET. You know I'll honor roll and I am a witness I'm. Call us at the special occasion but the important. Instead they can at least come and talk to as any we've got my just picked up life. Three resembled insists July 1 2017. It is the year do I look through your towel there. The problem shot on July 1 2000 and continue to. I'm. Africa cup already cash and I miss hits a reason why. Is it in you guys already talked about it. Is inflation but I think people don't really understand the impact that inflation has on your purchasing power. Father you know yeah and so they canning own hair of 1% here for you know one point 2% there well that money figure out those numbers they only take into consideration certain factors which. But we can all tomorrow after July will not tomorrow but after July 5 you know gas is a way to ten now or 212 now been on July 5. Earlier I met we gave might be 250. You turn it might be three. In so people who when the price is jump around like that it really does have a true impact on your purchasing power but because we talk about it in just small percentages I think people forget about it well if you come to us. Were gonna help cure we're gonna help you with that you know gonna chime build that into the earth here your portfolio. He be some suggestions to hedge against that you know people. All alone. I I want to take you back. And I started talking about this may reach future and happier even though. And I can pull out the old shows on our archives is one thing about having these shows the wrong recorded. And I can pull up he shows are not our archives. And I can each tell you that. We were gonna be in a very low unemployment situation. I started telling you Q&A half years ago this was gonna happen but I told you why was gonna happen. Because baby boomers. Weren't more retiring. 101000 and a turning 65. I told drew they were going to be leaving the job market. In guess what they're leaving the job market. Cho is creating this mid unemployment Maureen what do you think in unemployment is so low. And now we hear these advertisements. Saying word 920 million people ashore. Which skilled skilled labor we have all these job altering it and snob because we created more jobs. That's because the baby boomers are retiring now give nicer aren't base and a half and come through it come true true true wish it was. I mean when Leo I can read had conceived demographics. When I terrier starting in March are weary thing chorus charge saying a slide in the market. And there's going to be a serious recession. And it's not because I have a crystal ball me. Or I wouldn't be the Hollywood media Macon about 101000 or reading. A driver and panel. But I can leave our consumers coming down the plankton. And shall what's happening is when you've given to our charity. Labor market in order to get warm for EU's. What do they do it. They have to raise raise wages somehow yeah. People have more money in the span then you start buying more things which we increases inflation doesn't mean dance yeah. So don't think inflation is gone away. The show score on asleep for a while Walton and a way when it wakes up people he's got to be one giant. Then we're gonna take a brief break through citizen you know through retirement planning show. Go to Ferrer air ferry are are each tax advisory group dot com. Or Collison to resort 3306. Sir warrants are fine. Hard to a mad and are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the ultimate retirement planning show whit Dennis Vera. Have questions about retirement did all your financial questions answered right now by calling 3033060105. Now back to the show would be your hosts Dennis Blair. Saw him. All right apparently is on amending the. Archos all right Corey I'll I'll do that so we talked about living below your means seeking professional advice. You know if you want to that there have more many at the end of retirement. As you do at the beginning Abbott the third thing is is to create a serious retirement plans. And I know we could spend you know the next two days talking about. How to create a serious retirement plan. But those are just some of the things that need to happen in order for you to have more money. As you get news in the interior ministry that's a lot in short the. You can. Yes. Oh for all you ladies and gentlemen who have been no warning to coming to sit down with us sane and learn how we are maximize Social Security. We didn't offer Social Security Max whose nation seminars. And in the month of July we do have three seminars. Again that is three seminars says teach you how to maximize your Social Security benefits. Our first seminar will be held on July 18 at the smoky hill library has 5430. South this gay circle. And I again it is a one hour educational workshop from 630 to 7:30 PM. Our second to pass seminar in this July will be July 27 at the L Louise may library. Address 1471. South Parker road Denver Colorado 80231. And again that will be from 630 to 730 we wanna give you guys a little bit of time to get off work get home get to the seminar and then get this so wonderful education. Our third some of our for the month of July will be held at the trails wreck our community rec center. That's that 16799. East lake avenue Centennial, Colorado aids 0016. Again we didn't hold all of our seminars at 630 to 7:30 PM a lot of information and cover. Please give us call 30330601052. RSVP. And as a bonus we have a so three seminars in the month of August as well. August 15 we're going to be back at the smoky hill library Hoffa about this case circle. August 24 will be back at the Elle Louise may librarian. And then August 29 we will then bring it out to the cold bill library. Address 5955. South holly street Centennial, Colorado but again it is 630 to 7:30 PM. Seating is limited so please give us call 30330601052. RSVP or you can reach us online at fair tax advisory group in the retirement planning dark car. You know I just mourners say is supports or July and 240. Warren years or their own. Our forefathers. Brought forth this nation. They created the vast country in the world. We are light for the world and believe me. Being in the military and fighting for my country. Traveling around. There is no country on earth and is better than United States of America agreed saying a prayer for all of people have sacrificed to give you this country. Everybody have a safe pollen day. God bless all of you. God bless the United States of America. God bless all our active duty military people have protect us. Into my wife sue our love you mean we won't charge you next week.